Dexter Sneak Peeks: "Circle Us"

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Dexter continues its disappointing, slow season on Sunday, as fans clamor for the action to pick up and for Lumen to go away.

Sadly, we can confirm that Julia Stiles isn't going anywhere any time soon, but there appears to be potential for events to move more quickly on "Circle Us."

Both of the following clips are promising in that regard: in the first, Lumen details a couple of her captors, as Dexter has agreed to help her track them down. In the second, the captain pressures the squad to come away with something in its planned nightclub stakeout. Take a look at both now:

[video url="" title="Lumen Explains"] [/video]

[video url="" title="Circle Us Clip"] [/video]

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I love the storyline this season... I don't see how it's boring or slow at all >.> Looking forward to more Julia Stiles!


are you mad?! this season is great!


Who is clamoring for Lumen to go away? I welcome Julia Stiles' presence on the series this season. Her and Dexter's story has been the only interesting part thus far, but it's been excellent. As for the pacing of the season, I don't have a problem with the series taking a slower season. After all, there's no way they were going to immediately top the previous (and fantastic) season.


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