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Darren Criss returned to Glee this week, as the Fox hit treated viewers to a competitive round of Sectionals.

While our critic works on his weekly recap/review, we're asking readers to chime in with their instant reaction to "Special Education." Head over to our Glee forum now to discuss the episode and sound off below:

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Concerned Will

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Saad khan

Glee Dianna Agron (Quinn) & Chord Overstreet (Sam) went Epic with "Time Of Our Lives" than Harris Morris (Britney) & Harry Shums Jr. (Mike) Dancing moves On Naya Rivera (Santana) Smashing vocals "Valerie" were Jaw Dropping, If It wasn't Enough, Amber Riley(Mercedes) & Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina) Rock Florance and the Machine's "Dogs Days are Over" WOW wow WOW :-O


Puckleberry forever.
That is all.


November 30th, 2010 11:23 PM Who was the announcer that gave the results at sectionals? Buggin the crap out of me He was Monica and Rachel super in Friends ;) I cant remember his name ;)


Who was the announcer that gave the results at sectionals? Buggin the crap out of me


Okay for me this episode left me drained. One of the many reasons was that i thought the songs they picked were kinda crappy and along with the fact that Rachel Berry is my crack and i have to go like a month without her and only these sad memories of her taking off her Finn neckless. I also hated the whole Finchel drama and i found myself yelling at the T.v "YOUR TEENAGERS MAKE UP ALREADY!"
All in all i felt bored by the songs and thrilled by the plot which both intrigued me and pissed me off...


This episode was okay, there were parts I loved and parts I hated. I loved the Quinn and Sam duet they are so cute!! and I also loved Valerie. So basically I loved the whole new directions number. But I really hated the couples drama the barely developed the supposed cheating between Mike and Brittney that was so ridiculous, also how many times are they going to drag out the Rachel having a hissy fit over not getting a solo situation WAY over done!


I thought Cheyenne Jackson was the Vocal Adrenaline coach? And VA wasn't at Sectionals....?
I'm actually kind of glad Finnchel broke up, even though I'm fairly certain they'll make up soon, since RM said they'd be together the whole season. But I'm SO glad that Puck refused to go further with Rachel to avoid hurting Finn twice. I think his character has really grown since last season.
I predict Emma at some point breaking up with Carl and going to Will. She just had this look on her face the whole time she was talking about the marriage like she wasn't comfortable with it and she was uncertain. But props to Will for being happy for her and not getting phycho obsessive like he's been lately.
To end the rant, I'll just say that I LOVE when Kurt and Rachel are friends, I about died when they started each other's standing ovations. :)


I thought this episode was terrible. I really loved last week, but this week really disappointed.
- If last week we all learned to not bully people, why was everyone bullying Rachel this week? Maybe she's annoying but saying no one likes her, threatening to punch her, and a teacher yelling at her in front of a group sure seems like bullying to me.
- Really? A magic comb? How much can they play off of this Brittney being dumb thing?
- Ditto to Blaine singing the lead. What happened to the two kids that got solos? Or you know, anyone else in the club?
- Mr. Shue not being more understanding about the drama in the club. Um. Their in high school, YES they will be upset when random things disrupt their lives. He's really not that good of a teacher.


Hi-lights from this week were Mike and Brittany's dancing during Valerie and Kurt and Rachel singing Don't Cry For Me Argentina. Everything else I was fairly disappointed with. Mr. Schue was a complete jerk and a few moments of him smiling during the performance didn't make up for that IMO. Also, Rachel started out as one of my favorite characters but she has become seriously unlikeable this season. I'm not even a fan of the Finn and Rachel pairing but it seems kinda ridiculous to me that he gets off scott free for lying about having sex with Santana while she becomes ridiculous with the whole kissing Puck thing (though props to HIM for stopping it from going to far). I seriously hope the writers do better than this the second half of the season.


I really liked this episode. Although I don't remember seeing Cheyenne Jackson. And to think of it. Charice never showed up again. Rachel never got into spin the bottle trouble. I don't know those are just some things I remember reading from either here or other websites. Maybe I missed something. I loved the songs. I find it hypocritical how Blaine was talking about teamwork and he sings every song...I loved Valerie. One of my new favorites. Maybe it's because I love Santana. Finn had a point when he told Rachel she didn't have a right to be mad at him considering they weren't together at the time that him and Santana hooked up. I'm an avid Puckleberry shipper, so I was happy that they hooked up, but am also sad that Finchel broke up. The biggest low point of the episode. Emma. Marrying. Carl. It's entirely too sad to think about so I'll end this rant now.


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[to Finn] You know, I don't really know what's going to happen between us, but I know that you used to be the guy that would make me feel like the most special girl in the whole world, and it doesn't feel that way anymore. Now it just feels sad and confusing. And the worst part is that it doesn't even feel that bad anymore.


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