Family Guy Review: Brian vs. Bill Maher

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Some of Family Guy’s best moments involve Stewie and Brian as a dynamic duo, and that set-up made "Brian Writes a Bestseller" into an instant winner.

Brian has been writing and drinking for as long as Family Guy fans can remember. But he gets a dose of humiliation this week, as masses of his books come back, both intact and shredded.  As Brian declares that he will give up writing forever, Stewie rallies his canine friend and assures Brian that he can help, as he has a (shady and pedophilic) pal in the publishing industry.

With Bill Maher

Once Brian quickly writes a vapid self-help book, it becomes a bestseller and Stewie takes on the role of Brian’s long suffering publicist. 

Brian, often pedantic and condescending, gets drunk off stardom and quickly becomes a diva, hitting on young girls, demanding absurd things and berating poor little Stewie. 

The best part of the episode was when Brian appeared on
Real Time with Bill Maher and traded barbs with both the host and Arianna Huffington. Certainly some of the best quotes came from Maher and Huffington’s insults toward Brian’s nature as a dog.

You've gotta love this show for its non-sequiturs, and the best one of the evening had to be the randy Penguin of Penguin Publishers.  With that, we present the top Family Guy quotes from a great half hour:

Brian: What the hell is your problem Zsa Zsa?
Arianna Huffington: What is yours, Snoopy? | permalink
Bill Maher: Help is such a strong word. How does this help people with cancer or in Darfur?
Brian: Well it's not really for that. It's for like, if you want a car or something. | permalink
Tom Tucker: Wish it, Want it, Do it. Am I pronouncing that correctly? | permalink
Stewie: What? Writing's the only thing giving your alcoholism any credibility! | permalink
Brian: You have to do some of the work yourself. That's why there are 50 blank pages. | permalink


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I know this is late but I think about this episode sometimes and I just fouynd thuis topic via Google. I want to say I used to be a Maher fan, and still am an FG fan. I was disappointed in this episode, but only the live-action parts with the three celebrities. ( Dana Gould, the third, unmentioned celebrity, is one of my favorite comics.) The word lazy has been used, and I agree. It's also a cheap way for Maher, who has gone from being a great satirist to a party flunkey, to look like a b.s.-demolishing hero. Maher gave up any claim to that honorable position six or seven years ago. I looked up with subject wondering what maher was paid for it; probably it will take a lot more reesearch than one click on the mouse.


I didn't find this episode funny at all. I hate it when comedies try to be preachy. I normally like bill maher but that whole part of the show wasn't funny at all. I agree that it seemed like the writers got lazy for this one.


I didn't find this episode as clever as some people might have. Bill Maher was on to balance the Rush Limbaugh episode. Huffington is a regular on The Cleveland Show. The other panelist is a TV writer. They didn't exactly have to try real hard to get these celebrities. I wouldn't be surprised if Bill Maher was calling his agent the second he learned Rush was taping lines. (Please don't conclude I'm a Rush Limbaugh supporter. I find it hard to support people who earn a living by picking fights.) I guess I'm posting this to defend those who have commented that Family Guy seems a little lazy as of late. I love Family Guy and I think it's still extremely funny and imaginative. Stating something you've noticed doesn't make you a hater. I'm a little taken aback at the preachy scripts lately. The Rush episode, this Bill Maher episode, and the Christmas episode all ended with overt moralistic commentary instead of clever dialogue and plot devices that allow the viewer to deduce the irony and layers of comedy and profundity. I felt like I was watching a later episode of M*A*S*H, an analogy Family Guy itself has used. Could it be that this episode was so ironic that the preachiness was a hidden joke about the show's otherwise typical cleverness? Given the subject matter of Brian's book, methinks not. Family Guy will undoubtedly offend anyone who watches it long enough. People who complain about it's leanings suffer from selective attention. It makes fun of everyone. Those who complain about it's style - the flashbacks, the awkward moments, the shocking scenes - are taking up issue with the series in its entirety, not elements that have suddenly emerged... and, if a few episodes now and then seem overly preachy, so be it. I can notice it and still look past it as long as it makes me laugh. Creative people are allowed to change it up. After all, it's their work. I'm not out there making my own shows to entertain myself. Oh, "would that it were true!" :) p.s. - I never thought I'd say this about Family Guy until two weeks ago. The recent episode about Brian choosing to give his life to save Peter actually brought a tear to my eye. Hmmmm... What is in the water in that writers room?


I watch this show when I'm bored on Sunday nights. This question is totally superficial and dumb sounding, but I'm dying to get this out. What is with all the blonde-haired chicks, like in this episode? I don't get that. The brunette girls often get depicted as the less attractive ones. What makes a certain hair color more special? L.O.L! It's a stupid question, but I'll be honest that this kind of bothers me. Before anybody gets mad or offended, I'm just curious. Oh, and that was a funny part. :)) "Dana, which is a girl's name!" Excuse the fact that I am very detail oriented. lol!


Wow the people who are hating on this little clip are tards and probably dont like bill so they were bound 2 hate this neway


I really liked the new episode. Although Arianna Huffington's acting might not have been the best, the Bill Maher segment was hilarious. I wish he'd do that to some of his real guests every once in a while.


This episode was so funny I didn't want it to end.


Wow, this episode was great. And there were plenty of jokes. You just don't recognize the humor. Flippin' funny.


Haters. This episode was HILARIOUS!


Great show, but I would have put a more realistic CGI Brian with Maher. Thing the budget goes with Maher and friends...

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What? Writing's the only thing giving your alcoholism any credibility!


Look at what they used to pack up boxes of your books! Shredded up pieces of your books!