Glee Casting Rumor: Darren Criss to Be Series Regular

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That was fast.

Deadline Hollywood reports that Glee producers are very close to making Darren Criss a series regular, just one day after he debuted on the Fox hit as Blaine, an openly gay student at Dalton Academy. The promotion would allegedly kick in at the start of season three.

Why the immediate promotion? Just watch Criss take on Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" below:

As for a spoiler concerning the November 23 episode...

According to Entertainment Weekly, Kurt soon won't be alone in his fight against that mean football player, Karofsky.

“Mr. Schu gets involved when he sees something done to Kurt and realizes he must take action," says an insider. "The episode is really about the repercussions for others... how people react to bullying when they are not the ones getting bullied."

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Blaine is a quality actor and perfect character to be one of the ensemble cast members. Every man and woman have a crush on him....sorrys guys... straight actor only portraying a gay charactor... but regardless his talent and appealing charm make him a star overnight. My prediction is he is the new age george clooney that will have it all. He is going to soar...a great addition and an idioctic move if f9x dosnt make him a regular w a handsome paycheck to follow. He does not need fox to soar. Class act w talent and charm


Blaine, series regular? WOW! actually he's a great character plus, he rocked teenage dream ;)


Ahd I'm totally in for him as a series regular !!!! I can't wait to see this sucker football team player to get punched in the face !!! Raaaaahhh ! At loong last, seems like Kurt won't be alone... It was heartbreaking in this episode....


Oh and Kurt at the end, hahahaha !!! his face was priceless !


This song was SUBLIMEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!! And man, the male lead was... HOOOOOOOOOT !!!!! WOW !


YESSSSS!! I'm beyond happy that he's going to be a series regular! I loved him since his very first scene, then when he sang ''Teenage Dream'', I loved him even more. I absolutely adore his version of the song. His voice is amazing. He's perfect for the show!


YES!!!!!!! I can't stop watching Teenage Dream. :)

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Hurrah, I couldn't be happier about this development!! He is perfect for Glee!!


Omg, DO IT, Make that rumor a fact! I love him already, after one ep. (and maybe AVPM and AVPS 0:) )


NEEDS. TO. HAPPEN. Pleaaseeee! I friggin am in love with him already, if he's just a recurring role I'll be devastated

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