Glee Casting Rumor: Darren Criss to Be Series Regular

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That was fast.

Deadline Hollywood reports that Glee producers are very close to making Darren Criss a series regular, just one day after he debuted on the Fox hit as Blaine, an openly gay student at Dalton Academy. The promotion would allegedly kick in at the start of season three.

Why the immediate promotion? Just watch Criss take on Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" below:

As for a spoiler concerning the November 23 episode...

According to Entertainment Weekly, Kurt soon won't be alone in his fight against that mean football player, Karofsky.

“Mr. Schu gets involved when he sees something done to Kurt and realizes he must take action," says an insider. "The episode is really about the repercussions for others... how people react to bullying when they are not the ones getting bullied."

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yes! brilliant :)
when i saw that video above (before the episode came out) he already shot up to being one of my fav characters, no speaking scenes needed lol


OMG!!! i soooo hope so he was amazing last next!!!! He is just a cutie and has a amazing voices!!!!!


Yay I loved him ! He has a great voice :D


omg that was awesome!!!

Anna maria

i LOVE HIS CHARACTER! plus, he's hot!


Best choice EVER!! I love this character!! Esp this clip, he did an excellent job!!

La vritable rachel

why the immediate promotion?
because this video is awesome
because glee will have the first lovable gay triangle on a teenage show. they totally made a good choice




I think it's a great idea to have Darren Criss as regular on Glee. he such amazing actor and singeer he would make a great addtion to the cast. I'm just in love with Darren Criss he's such a cutie.


there are already so many characters... I'm a real Glee fan but too many character is difficult to handle cause it means less story time for each of them

Glee Quotes

Rachel: This is what I wanted!
Sam: No, what you wanted was a second chance to get it right and Carmen just gave it to you. If you throw all that away you're going to be making the same mistake all over again

I'm gonna miss all of you. I love you guys.