Glee Review: A New Direction for Kurt

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For the first time in awhile, Glee aired an episode that delivered laughs, tears and solid performances - along with cohesive storylines that actually built on previous installments and provided legitimate character development.

Heck, "Furt" even concluded with an intriguing cliffhanger. When was the last time that happened?!? Overall, with one exception, this was one of the best episodes in show history.

Rachel and Santana

Let's get the negative out of the way: you won't find a bigger Sue Sylvester fan on the planet than yours truly, but the entire concept of this character marrying herself was simply... stupid.

It didn't make a lot of sense, it wasn't very funny and it was a waste of Carol Burnett as Sue's mother. I wish the show had come up with a better way to incorporate this great guest star, as opposed to burying her within such a disappointing B plot.

Now, on to the good stuff...

I'm not the only writer who has been critical of Glee for delivering stand-alone episodes that were more focused on delivering a message than a storyline that felt organic to the show and the characters we grew to love last year. At times, the students have felt like pawns in installments that served as tributes to major artists or PSAs regarding Topics of the Week.

I gave "Never Been Kissed" a poor review, for example, because I thought it was a contrived attempt to simply tackle the current, tragic issue of bullying.

But "Furt" made me glad to take those words back. It continued the angle of Karofsky harassing Kurt, making this into the first real development of the season that lasted beyond one episode and led to a major consequence: Kurt leaving William McKinley.

This opens up a number of intriguing possibilities, as the group will actually be competing against him at Sectionals, while also making good use of Blaine and ensuring more of Darren Criss next week.

A few other thoughts:

  • It also made perfect sense for Sue to be on Kurt's side throughout the episode (funny nickname of "Porcelain" aside). The fact that her mother talks down to her ("You still might grow into your looks...") and the fact that she grew up with a handicapped - sorry, handi-capable - sister contributed to welcome continuity in the character.
  • So, Suinn is official, huh? If Sam gave me the same speech he gave Quinn to open the episode, soon after giving me a glimpse of his flexed biceps, I'd like wear his promise ring, too.
  • Sue's online dating profile said her turn-ons are "Tantric yelling and poking the elderly with hidden pins." Amazing.
  • I love when the show tweaks the meaning, or subjects, of songs. A great example was when Rachel and her mother sang "Poker Face" to each other. And another went down last night, as Finn directed "Just the Way You Are" at his new step-brother.

What did everyone else think?


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you guys seriously need to back off.. kurt has been just as "horrible" and "saintlike" throughout season two.
for example, kurt back talks a teacher, almost blows off his dad for sing-a-long sound of music, he's been ignoring his best friend, etc.. if you've even been watching this season at all you would realize this. (I apologize to those who are reading this and are thinking "what the hell? i dont think that? i love kurt!" you can just skip down a little bit to the astrics after my rant here.) you people honestly need to lay off. Kurt is so much more than a stereotypical gay character, he is waayy more deep than that. He may be a little bitey and sarcastic sometimes, but he still would do anything for his dad, he loves his friends, he's KEEPING his BULLY'S secret (in case you guys didnt notice that one), he's proved to be a fantastic brother and son, he takes care of his dad, and thats just THIS SEASON. You guys seriously need to grow up, im not trying to be one of those stupid people who go around started arguments but this is something i feel strongly about. My best friend is one of those "stereotypical gays" and he is the sweetest, funniest, witty, sarcastic guys i know and i wouldnt give him up for anything. I know some of you are getting tired of the kurt drama, but we all saw it coming...
do none of you remember the shower curtain incident? or is that just me?
Im glad they're finally doing something on bullying, its a horrible thing and goes on even if you dont know it.
I was walking with a friend the other day when he looked at one of my friends ( he didnt know we were friends) and started to bash his sexuality and the fact that it was unatural and it shouldnt be flaunted when they were just holding hands. And today a kid at my lunch table had milk dumped all over him for no reason. Some of you dont understand what its like to be bullied. I think that this was handled like it would be normally in a school. If you dont think so dont go about ranting on it. As to Previsu, id just like to say that you're wrong. Everybody is different. Just because YOU dont act like a "bitchy women" and dont dress in "preppy clothing" doesnt mean that no other gay man on the entire planet doesnt. You sound like your completely close minded to the gay thing even if you do happen to be gay. I mean that in the nicest way posible, i promise. I've spent a lot of time around gay people, being in the gay-straight alliance at my school, and have come to realize not everyone fits the mold. I look like id be really shy but im actually really outgoing, my best friend looks like he'd tell you off if you got a speck of dirt on his cashmere scarf, but he wouldnt. He'd laugh and brush it off and then buy you a latte. You need to look past the exterior of kurt and focus on who he is as a person.... **************
Now for the overall comment for Furt! All i have to say is AWWWWWWW!!!!!
I normally cant stand any fiber on Finns body, i would be completely happy if he was taken off the show all together, BUT i LOVED the wedding scene where he sung to kurt! that was so sweet, even though i thought the other guys should have said a little something to kurt, even after the wedding. I was kinda suprised at puck's reaction to this whole thing, it really brought to my attention that he's really changed for the better. Offering to go all secret service on him was, in my opinion, even sweeter than finn's moment. I was so happy about the new and happy couple Suinn!! They are just the most adorable couple ever! I wouldnt have even paused if sam had said everything he said the quinn, especially on one knee. I would have screamed YES! Anywho,, im sorry about the loss of the impressions (hey, hey!) they were cute... Rachel has been such a dear this season. I absolutely LOVE her. I know you usually here "Oh, i hate her, shes SO annoying!" but she couldnt be any sweeter this season, especially to kurt (did anybody else squell at happy days/happy??). id really love to see her dads though. Maybe a little scene for them and kurt? I think a forced meeting of the three by rachel would be the awkward sweet thats been missing this season. I cant wait for some more Blaine, even though i hate him for stealing kurt for ND, i still love his supermegafoxyawesomehott adorablness. If you guys dont know what that means go to youtube and search "A Very Potter Musical" and you will see the adorable darren criss as harry potter, the whiz kid himself. I think they should make a reference to it on the show, even if he just says a quote without really mentioning it... anyway.. this review is way to long... Sorry to the people i pissed off, if you guys are even still reading this. :) CANT WAIT FOR TOMORROW!!! (:


I have no real issues with Kurt's current being at the fore (it's understandable, I know some people are bored of it but in reality an issue like he's going through wouldn't have been fixed in the space of a week anyway) but I wish they'd feature more Mercades too as a result, she's a wonderfully positive character (for now, apparently they are altering her father later in the season, comes from a happy supportive home and has a great sense of confidence and great attitude. Other than the weird and very stupid telling Puck not to get involved with his baby in season one, she seems to really care about her friends and is also hilariously funny when she wants to be) and his best friend. She's been really shunted this season and it's a real shame.


Guys, I don't know what you're talking about. Kurt is an AMAZING character. Probably my favorite character. He's inspiring. I'm not gay, but I really almost feel his pain going through the journey he has to go through over being gay. He plays the role perfectly and I have absolutely no problem with his sexuality, but if you don't like the fact that Kurt is finally getting some attention and being in the story line too, then stop watching it. Because last season, the only times Kurt was in it was when he was all over Finn. I don't know about you, but I'm glad that stopped and Kurt is finally going for someone he might actually have a shot at and be completely happy with. He's finally realized that Finn loves Rachel and he wants him to be happy. He and this Blaine character might actually work out. Long story short, I believe the 2nd season kicks the 1st season's butt. I love Kurt and I hope he remains a main character for a while. :) All those who disagree . . . . . . . .I don't care lol


I'm agreeing with some of the other peeps on here. I mean, I love Kurt and Chris Colfer and the whole gay storyline, but now it's just boring. Waaaayyyy overdone, not to mention Kurt is ridiculously stereotypical, sorry, but he is. I want more Brittany, Sue (the cooler, more awesome one), more of the other characters, even finchel! On a lighter note, Suinn! YAAAAYYYY!!! I love them! I was aww-ing the whole time (even tho a promise ring is still kinda huge if u've only been dating for a few weeks). @JC: I KNOW RIGHT?! That was my thoughts exactly!


I know we've been getting a lot of Kurt, but I don't know when this Sainthood tag got attached to him. So far this season he's got sent to the principal's office for snapping at his teacher, thrown a fit about religion, got called out by Finn and his father about his bad behavior last year, and has alienated his closest friend. The bullying subplot has made him more sympathetic, but far from perfect. Even his stereotypical gay characteristics were mocked during "The Substitute" so even the writers know they're going overboard. That's kind of the point. As for the lovefest at the wedding, the timing was off but they wanted to remind him that he's loved while going through a troubling time. Why is such a bad thing for parents to tell their kids they care about them? The setting may not have been the best, but the intentions were good. I agree that we need a break from Kurt, but I'm confused by those who are complaining about him. People say they want multi-dimensional characters with stories, and that's what Kurt's been giving us.


This episode was ok. I did like the marriage scene when Burt and Carol came to be and the sue story-line was ok. Yes Kurt is leaving but I think he will transfer back after the next episode. If you wonder why I think that, look up glee soul sister. It is the Warblers performance in sectionals, then you will know. Watch Kurt's face very closely. Since Blaine is a season regular and I think Kurt will be back at McKinley I think Blaine might transfer to Kurt's school. That is my prediction I could be wrong or I could be right. Everyone, this season is about KURT not Rachel. Rachel and Finn are a side pairing at this point. Last season was Rachel's time and now its Kurt's. To the one's who are complaining that Kurt didn't bat an eye when Burt and Carol offered to use their honeymoon money so that he can go to Dalton and that he was a selfish bastard to do that, we don't know what happened in the hall. He might of refused the money and that he tried to stop them but they didn't show us the rest of the scene. So stop complaining. If you don't like Kurt being the center of attention this season, then stop watching it. Don't complain about how much you don't like him at this point.


I like Kurt but I think the way how the writers keep forcing him onto our faces is producing the opposite effect. In the last episode, Kurt suddenly turned into a saint. He had always been a kid with good and bad homosexual or not but all of sudden just because the bullying escalated and he organised a wedding, he is suddenly a wonderful person. I failed to see also how he taught Finn to be a man, it should have been Artie, Mike and Sam who stood for Kurt though they are not related. I like Kurt as he had been, the writers had underestimated viewers' intelligence that we can like Kurt as is as an underdog and there's no need to put him on a pedestal. I do not think that bullying was dealt with properly. The portrait of the fear was good but not the way it was handled. At the least, both kids should have some counselling session to start with.


While Kurt has been more prominent this season, and I can see why people are wearing thin on the character, those who are saying this season's just been about him need to calm down. Out of the 8 episode so far, only 4 have had a Kurt heavy plot. Yes, that's more than others, but it's by no means every episode. Also, once people realize that this show is about Rachel, Finn, Will, Sue, and Kurt the easier they'll be able to deal. They're the main characters, and everyone else are there to support them. That's TV for you, so get over it already.


I love Kurt. I personally think he's the best character on the show, everyone else is kinda annoying. I'm glad that Glee is focusing on real issues like bullying, it's an important issue that affects the vast majority of kids.

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