Glee Review: A New Direction for Kurt

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For the first time in awhile, Glee aired an episode that delivered laughs, tears and solid performances - along with cohesive storylines that actually built on previous installments and provided legitimate character development.

Heck, "Furt" even concluded with an intriguing cliffhanger. When was the last time that happened?!? Overall, with one exception, this was one of the best episodes in show history.

Rachel and Santana

Let's get the negative out of the way: you won't find a bigger Sue Sylvester fan on the planet than yours truly, but the entire concept of this character marrying herself was simply... stupid.

It didn't make a lot of sense, it wasn't very funny and it was a waste of Carol Burnett as Sue's mother. I wish the show had come up with a better way to incorporate this great guest star, as opposed to burying her within such a disappointing B plot.

Now, on to the good stuff...

I'm not the only writer who has been critical of Glee for delivering stand-alone episodes that were more focused on delivering a message than a storyline that felt organic to the show and the characters we grew to love last year. At times, the students have felt like pawns in installments that served as tributes to major artists or PSAs regarding Topics of the Week.

I gave "Never Been Kissed" a poor review, for example, because I thought it was a contrived attempt to simply tackle the current, tragic issue of bullying.

But "Furt" made me glad to take those words back. It continued the angle of Karofsky harassing Kurt, making this into the first real development of the season that lasted beyond one episode and led to a major consequence: Kurt leaving William McKinley.

This opens up a number of intriguing possibilities, as the group will actually be competing against him at Sectionals, while also making good use of Blaine and ensuring more of Darren Criss next week.

A few other thoughts:

  • It also made perfect sense for Sue to be on Kurt's side throughout the episode (funny nickname of "Porcelain" aside). The fact that her mother talks down to her ("You still might grow into your looks...") and the fact that she grew up with a handicapped - sorry, handi-capable - sister contributed to welcome continuity in the character.
  • So, Suinn is official, huh? If Sam gave me the same speech he gave Quinn to open the episode, soon after giving me a glimpse of his flexed biceps, I'd like wear his promise ring, too.
  • Sue's online dating profile said her turn-ons are "Tantric yelling and poking the elderly with hidden pins." Amazing.
  • I love when the show tweaks the meaning, or subjects, of songs. A great example was when Rachel and her mother sang "Poker Face" to each other. And another went down last night, as Finn directed "Just the Way You Are" at his new step-brother.

What did everyone else think?


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Nobody said they wanted everything to be all about Brittney or Finn/Rachel or whoever...Rachel gets old really fast too. They really need to find some kind of balance. And the "all about Kurt" thing might not be so bad if he wasn't always portrayed as the victim/"in the right". I'm not saying his situation isn't difficult or that he should just get bullied all the time or whatever, but he doesn't always need to be the poor innocent victim who is always in the right and always just gets shot down, boo hoo etc.


'For the first time in awhile, Glee aired an episode that delivered laughs, tears and solid performances'
-pretty sure the reviewer said something very similar about the gwyneth paltrow episode...


No one even knows for sure if Kurt will be gone. Yes the episode ended on a cliff hanger, but there has been other cliff hangers in both seasons so far. I also believe that if Kurt -did- go? That'd give someone else from New Directions a chance to get some back history. Mayhaps Mercedes? Gotta take the good with the bad really.

Chair me up

the wedding was awesome, i loved how sue sylvester wanted to protect kurt and i am kinda sad he left, but he'll be happy, so it's not that bad. and rachel looked amazing in that red dress.


I love Glee, but I really wish they'd give Mercedes some type of storyline that didn't involve food (Home & The Substitute) or destroying people's cars (Acafellas & The Substitute). Kurt, who is supposed to be her best friend ,just ups and leaves her. Now she gets to be the third wheel among a group where everyone else is paired up. I get that Kurt was getting bullied, and that was very good subject matter to address, but now what? What happens in the wake of all this? Oh I know, Mercedes will be happy with a large plate of tater tots and a shiny new vehicle to destroy.


My favorite episode of Glee so far. It made me jump for joy, want to cry and anticipate the next episode all in the space of 40 minutes!
I think that the writers finally got the formula right. There wasn't too much or too little of the secondary characters or too much or too little of Finn and Rachel. All the favourites got their chance to shine this week and I absolutely loved it.
My favourite song definitely had to be Finn's Just the Way You are but Marry You was amazing as well.
My only complaint is Sue's storyline. Normally I love her but this seemed just weird. Other than that, I have no complaints. Best episode so far!


For the people complaining about Kurt and the recent episodes being all about him. Where on earth were you for most of season one? I'm pretty sure that the majority of that was all about Finn and Rachel and the consistency of: "Will they? Wont they?" I mean, we JUST started inching toward secondary characters being more predominant as the season ended. I'm no expert, but I'd like to think one of the main reasons Kurt has been the constant direct line of subject in late episodes has been due to the fact of what's going on in the world in itself right now. For that matter. What are you saying by going on about how "he didn't even bat an eye when his dad and new mother were spending their honeymoon money on him to go to a new school." Think about that for a second. You're being hit with a triple whammy. Not only did you just find out that your parent[s] will be rather than going to enjoy themselves on a honeymoon are instead being selfless for you but on top of it all the friends you've grown to know and love and who accept you for you are now going to be your possible enemy in upcoming sectionals. Then you add in the fact that Kurt couldn't come right out and say the real story behind what was truly bothering him. I mean, coming out about someone else kissing you at random like that and at the same time knowing their trying not to be found out for being what they really are? It's tough. Really tough. I'm sure that they'll get back to things eventually in plot writing and return this all to be the "Finn/Rachel Drama Hour" [because that's all it felt like to me for most of the first season anyway] but for right now.. how about we sit back and enjoy someone else getting their time to shine eh? I'm sure depending on how these Kurt episodes do, they'll base that for future episodes to come on making them more detail orientated to the secondary characters. In example, "Brittney/Brittany" anyone? Or did you forget that? It's not ALWAYS been all about Kurt. I can agree though, some episodes have seemed pretty PSA'esque. Though what better way than to make a PSA be meaningful than through a show that's normally got pretty high ratings in America right now. It's smart if you ask me.


as much as I love glee I feel like it is becoming the "Kurt" show. I get that we need to stop bullying etc. but I feel like characters like Rachel and Mercedes are being pushed to the backburner too much while it becomes all about him. that being said I did like it when Finn sang Just the way you are to him.


Awesome episode! I think this is one of the best episodes in the (short) history of Glee. And the randition of Marry You was truly fantastic and had the true Glee spirit. And I was in tears when Finns mom came dancing down the aisle, and all of the speaches!! I also loved the Way Sue was on Kurts side the whole time! AWESOME episode!!


Nobody brought of the boiling drama of santana/finn/rachel when santana tells Rachel and eventually she will about her and Finn. Rachel is either A.going to feel horrible betrayed, etc, maybe get revenge or B. going to want to have sex with Finn too.. or maybe both but im thinking Jesse coming back will stir her anger at Finn

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