Glee Round Table: "Never Been Kissed"

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A pair of unexpected first kisses highlighted this week's episode of Glee. As did the show's typical array of funny quotes and outstanding song performances, of course.

We go over a number of topics related to "Never Been Kissed" in the following edition of the Glee Round Table. We encourage readers to chime in via the Comments section below and/or the TV Fanatic Glee forum...

What was your favorite quote from the episode?
Matt R.: I'll always choose a nugget from Sue. This week, it was her response to Will's stunned reaction over Coach Beiste quitting: "I believe I just said that Annie Sullivan. You want me to sign it into your palm."

Steve M.: Gotta give Dot Jones props for coming through big time in such a major episode for Beiste. With that in mind, I'll point to this nonsensical, albeit hilarious, retort to Quinn: "Watch your tone with me, missy. You crap on my leg. I'll cut it off."

Eric H.: Sue's entire exchange with Quinn was a winner, but I've highlighted this take from the cheerleading coach: "Know what kind of disgusting images I'm gonna need to stare at now to get that out of my head? Gonna have to go to the wound care center. Gonna have to stare at some wounds."

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What was your favorite song from the episode?
Matt R.: Teenage Dream may have been my favorite song this season, or at least in the top five. Darren Criss made an immediately great impression with that one.

Steve M.: Because I love me some Puck and was glad to have him back this week, I'll choose "One Love."

Eric H.: As Matt said in his review of the episode, I don't really understand why the guys felt a need to apologize. But at least it gave us that great mash-up of "Stop in the Name of Love" and "Free Your Mind"

More surprising kiss: Kurt and the jock, or Will and Beiste?
Matt R.: I saw Will smooching Beiste coming as soon as he delivered the cheesy line about how she is beautiful inside and out. But I most certainly expected Kurt to get a knuckle sandwich in that locker room scene, not a lip lock.

Steve M.: I agree with Matt. It felt like the episode veered away from the topic of bullying in general, which unfortunately victimizes gays and straights, and tied together Kurt's storyline a bit too conveniently with that kiss. Still, it was certainly a shock to see.

Eric H.: Will and Beiste and here's why: I didn't think Will would be so presumptuous as to actually go through with that. The sentiment may have been nice, but who wants one's first kiss to be based around pity, not romance?!?

What is your take on how the show handles high school sex?
Matt R.: I don't think it's realistic. Sorry to be crass, but all the girls we know of are either slutty or prude. I'd really like to see Rachel and Finn go at a pace of awkward discovery in this area, something so many teenagers can relate to. Instead, we get countless jokes about how Finn must hold himself back because Rachel will only go to first base.

Steve M.: I've had this problem since the days of Beverly Hills 90210 and Donna Martin: if a show about high schoolers want to have its females refrain from sex, that's fine. But, to put it delicately, can someone tell these writers there is other... stuff men and women often do together? Like Matt said, many couples don't just kiss or quickly go all the way. There are things in between is all.

Eric H.: Yeah, I'm with my fellow Round Tablers. I understand that Glee is a show about extremes, but it's also a show that aims to teach lessons, right? That said, I fail to see why it only focuses on two sides of female sexuality. It's funny when Santana says "if everyone just put out, we would have a winning football team," but absolutely no teenage girl is this open and care-free about sex.

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I really liked the episode but I miss the other characters especially Finn and Rachel, it's like latetly everything has been centerd on Kurt and even though I really like him there are other 12 members in glee club and thats without counting Mr Shue and Emma...


I loved Glee and Glee Cast but i can't stop to consider that In United States of Tara ... Lionel as Marshal's Gay mentor was far brilliantly presented... so Glee is coping the Whole Story from United States of Tara. Just because Cable Shows has less viewers than FOX it doesn't mean that We don't know from where they Stole the Story. Right? Even if you remember Pregnant Quinn was straight from "The Secret life of American Teenager" because it was becoming Phenomena how they dealt with he Issue..
So under all the genius mind of Mr.Ryan Murphy is a Stealer ideas I bet Dexter or Big C are coming Next in Glee :-D


AGREED TOTALLY. Glee is not realistic. At all. Even though it tries to be. I mean, I love the show and all, but easy on the life lessons and stuff


I knew so many people in highschool who were openly vulgar and crude. I think you're being naive if you don't think high school students talk this way.


no offence, but if i had had a baby in high school i wouldn't want sex either. and months isn't that long; girls i know waited a year + before sleeping with their boyfriends. i think you guys have a very closed view on high school. Only about 50% of high school seniors have had sex, and some are just as open with it as santana. and im sorry, but what show are you watching that you think they're going to mention blow jobs all the time? you saw how big a blow up there was over scissoring. you think the Parent's Association would like rachel giving finn a hand job? i doubt it


The Kurt and jock kiss did surprise me. I thought he was going to get punched too. The Will and Beiste kiss made me want to cry. While it was sweet Will's Hotness was wasted on The Beiste


Gosh, I'm all confused with the name change. Mind boggle! Anywho, I only have one word to say: SPIES!!!


They can`t have references to fellatio because it doesn`t taste good,they`re American. Maybe if semen tasted like deep fried pizza and ice-cream burgers they could.

Whipped by damon

I pretty much agree with what the round table is saying and I'd like to add to the last point that not only does the show take two sort of extremes in female sexuality (and yes there absolutely were some girl in my high school with that sort Santana view on things) but it has made Rachel have a radical change of heart! This is a girl who walked into the celibacy club and said that girls wanted sex just as much as boys and was only a short time into her relationship with Jesse when she was contemplating sleeping with him(even told Finn that she had). She wants everything too much and somehow I am supposed to find it plausible that she's been dating Finn for months and nothing sexual has taken place, she's just been holding back completely....reality check, that makes no sense!

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