Gossip Girl Photo Gallery: "Gaslit"

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This Monday, Gossip Girl airs its ninth episode of the season, "The Witches of Bushwick" (see clips and pics) After a week break, the next new episode, "Gaslit," airs Monday, November 29. Below are some photos from that future installment.

Looks like a confrontation between rivals Jenny and Blair awaits, as do some scenes featuring the always fabulous Dorota and her baby. All together now ... awww!

UES Confrontation
Dorota and Daughter
Dorota and Baby!
A Juliet Photo
Oh That Crazy J
Oh Yes, J is Back
Scheming J

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what's going on with chair in the future?

Thiciane pereira diniz

owwn *-* Dorota's baby!


Looks like its gonna be another interesting episode. Blair's hair looks great in the pic its been looking a little limp this season. It's also great to finally see Dorota's baby, so cute.


Thank you ! I always like knowing the episode puns a f that movie sounds good :x


I also think that Jenny will tell Blair about Juliet motives to get back on the good side. Let not forget, they said that Blair will team up with Dan to take down Juliet just like they did Georgiana.


Another week off? Ugh...


Gaslight was an awesome movie starring Ingrid Bergman in which a man slowly makes his new bride believe that she's going crazy. The husband has an endgame but I don't want to reveal it, just in case any of you might actually want to watch the movie :P


@Xoxodanielle- I am sure it's a wordplay on the movie Gaslight (1944).


awww dorota's baby's so adorableee!!!
I hope little J is there to make amend with B


I'm glad Little J comes to her sense and tell Blair what happened. I'm not convinced she does it to get in good with Blair, but instead realizes that Juliet is crazy and Serena could get hurt in all of this. There are spoilers indicating they drug Serena, I would think after what happened with Little J last season she wouldn't be down with this sort of thing. She might be a schemer, but I don't think she is that evil...I'm not sure the same can be true of Juliet, and who knows what is up with Vanessa. She clearly isn't the same self-righteous person she used to be.

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