Gossip Girl Photo Gallery: "The Townie"

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Gossip Girl is off next week, returning on November 29 with "Gaslit" (see photos and sneak peek). That episode will be followed by another new one December 6, "The Townie."

Below are photos from "The Townie," a clever play on Blake Lively's recent heist flick The Town. These pics hint at a number of interesting developments come next month.

First, Kevin Zegers is back as Damien. More significantly, Serena comes face to face with Ben. A flashback perhaps? See the image below, click through the rest and discuss:

Ben and Serena
Blair and Damien
A Blair and Dan Pic
Two on One
Glamorous Upper East Sider
B in Crisis
Poor Serena
The Townie Photo
Confronting Juliet

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It is quite tiring people whining about chair, chair, chair. there's more to this show than the two characters. and @magda wants chair endgame!, "no hot and juicy chair pics.. i;m sad." seriously? do you touch yourself when you see hot and juicy pics of chair or something? ew.


Either ben is the teacher or S lies about the teacher she was really sleeping with to protect them and ben took the blame. Either way it looks like Serenad past is definitely coming back to haunt her.


Can't wait for this episode, I hate it when they skip a week !!:( I think that Ben is the teacher I'm Serena's boarding school...

Anna maria

it's definitely a flashback! look at her uniform!


i hate it when they put it off for a week.
hate hate hate.


To /lyndayasm
I read the thing about chuck going to see lily on another spolier site. Given that the townie is going to explain the whole serena takedown situation perhaps he ignores blair's request. The thing about new year I read it online. I am
just hoping for a chuck and Blair reunion.


Doesn't anyone think it's weird that Juliet knew about Serena and her boarding school teacher? It's not like Jenny or Vanessa knew.
And the fact that Colin and Juliet said that Ben used to be a teacher? I think Ben's the teacher Serena slept with.


to Lovechairscenes
how do you know chuck is asking for the truth about serena's past, i thought he wasn't in to take down juliet because blair didn't want to ask him for help in the end of ep 10?
and how do you know they'll meet a the new year??? any spoilers you want to share?

Chair me up

no hot and juicy chair pics.. i;m sad.;


It seems that Blair and dan team up to track Juliet down. Chuck goes after lily to find out the truth!!! The spoiler of gaslight shows dan kissing serena so perhaps the thing with blair and dan doesn't happen. Chuck and blair are supposed to heat up at new years. So not long ;-)

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