Gossip Girl Review: Ostroff the Wagon

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This week's Gossip Girl episode was grim, slower-paced and more somber than any so far this season, but after the events of the Sinners & Saints party, you can see why.

The show is no stranger to depressing holiday installments, with "Gaslit" now ranking among the darkest. A drugged and missing S will kill any festive Thanksgiving mood.

To sum up: Nate's father is shady, Chuck and Blair make great friends, Serena is troubled, and Katie Cassidy will go down as one of the best villains in Gossip Girl history.

She will go down in a different sense, too. Dair will see to that.

Our Girl SVDW

A TROUBLED YOUNG WOMAN: Juliet's plan was brilliant in its believability.

Waking up in a daze, poor Serena has no idea where she is (a Queens motel) or how she got there, calling 911. At the hospital, Lily commits her eldest child to rehab involuntarily.

We're not sure that's even feasible unless the person is deemed mentally incapable of making their own decisions (see Spears, Britney, circa 2008), but that's what Lily decides.

Perhaps that's why the writers threw in that an antidepressant was found there, so that Serena, an adult, would be deemed a suicide risk and lose control of her own decisions?

In any case, Lily and Blair worry about her "past" and act like this is not all that unusual. To Dan, and viewers, it certainly would be. That's why he's the sole member of Team S.

Dan believes her when she swears she didn't do drugs. Then he breaks her out of rehab and, naturally, before feeling NYC, they regroup at the loft. Lily and Blair find them there.

Worst. Fugitives. Ever.

Whatever his motivations for helping Serena, Dan calls Lily out on her parenting, and she has a moment of clarity ... until Gossip Girl shakes things up with a pic of S doing coke.

Of course, the photo is actually Juliet, the final stage of her plan. Serena can't believe that she did that at the party and can't remember, so she checks herself back into rehab.

Around this time, Jenny and Vanessa are feeling guilty about how far they've taken things, but Juliet convinces them that whatever Serena did after the party is not their fault.

Vanessa cracks and sells out Jenny as the sole culprit. Wow, V. When Jenny goes to confront Juliet, she finds her apartment empty, save for a mask. The pieces come together.

Before accepting her banishment and heading home to Hudson once again, J reports her discovery to Blair. With no Jenny to play double agent, B recruits the other Humphrey.

It's a little unclear why Jenny didn't tell Rufus and Lily, or why Blair sought Dan's help first (he will do anything for Serena), but that's where we stand heading into next week.

Watch out, Juliet. Frontier justice is coming and it's going to end badly for you.

UES Confrontation

THE EVIDENCE: Ashamed, Jenny presents it to her nemesis.

Elsewhere, there were some interesting developments inside jail. Apparently Juliet didn't let Ben in on her plan to drug Serena, and even he thinks that was over the line.

This makes for an interesting twist. Even though this whole thing was his doing, might Ben turn against his own sister in the end? Will Serena and he come face to face?

Ben's cellblock mate, The Captain, also figured prominently in "Gaslit," as Nate begged his mom to give her incarcerated spouse a chance before filing for divorce. She did.

At the end, we learn that Nate's father may have only reached out to the family because he's coming up for parole, and family support may garner the board's sympathy.

Think that was his real motivation? How will Nate respond to this revelation?

Some closing Gossip Girl thoughts before we turn it over for your comments:

  • Juliet is BALLSY for continuing to extort money from Lily after what she pulled. Falling off the radar would be much smarter, but this girl has no inhibitions.
  • When Vanessa walks into Lily and Rufus' for Thanksgiving only to find everyone gone? Unintentional LOL material. V's character summed up in one scene.
  • Chuck and Blair's love story was on the back burner, but still handled beautifully. Just because they can't be friends doesn't mean they aren't. Swoon.
  • Was this the first real screen time of the fall for L and R?
  • It's getting annoying how Jenny keeps leaving for no reason.
  • Aww, french fries on Thanksgiving ... we've come full circle.
  • Dan and Serena's kiss: The first of many? OMG or WTH?
  • Dorota and her baby are sooo cute, right?

What did you think of this week's Gossip Girl? Share your thoughts on "Gaslit" and predictions for next week by leaving comments below!


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    Can someone tell me what Blair wrote in the note to Chuck at the end of the episode?


    Once upon a time Serena Van Der Woodsen came off as vaguely intelligant. She was gullible but not stupid. Kind but not weak. In fact strong and the kind of person whom I actually liked and enjoyed watching instead of sighing in exasperation (read season three) when she did the naivest things (read William Van der woodsen) and I dubbed her as a dumb blonde forgetting completely that once that HADN'T been the case.
    Once upon a time Dan Humphry was lonelyboy but he might as well been the most relatable characters to the veiwers (and also the voice of reason). He was genuinly funny, smart, witty, it was okay when he outsmarted Chuck (Are you following us or something? No, I go to your school. Identical uniforms, kind if a tip off?) and he wasn't the pretentious, mindlessly boring, hypocritical judging moron he can come off as now. The only thing he did was bromance with Nate of late. I'm not even getting into that nothingness with Vanessa.
    Together, Dan and Serena were so adorable that I loved GG (and that was before Chair existed and I got unhealthily obsessed) it was light. It was easy. It was very likable. And very cute.
    Apart, both are useless. Serenate are pretty but with Nate Serena is even dumber than usual. Derena (no matter how gross in technical terms) is I think the only salvation for Serena and Dan's characters that have frankly lost major of the appeal they once had. Jenny once had just as much apeal but not her raccoonesq part has been ruined beyond repair. Derena might be the only hope for GG surviving on something other than the magic of Chair. Something perceptively changed for the better in last nights ep.
    So I vote Derena.

    Kimberly anne

    I knew I was not oging to like this episode purely because I thought there will be a lacking of Chair scenes and storylines. Indeed I was right.
    This was not one of my favorite. Yes it had a lot of drama so Gossip Girl did its job. However, there was of lot of stuff happening I did not care for.
    I have to applaud Juliet because the original plan was over yet she still managed to talk herself out of it and continue on to ruin Serena. So all of a sudden Ben has morals? Seriously what is his deal. The writers has got to clear his character up. And why is his hair to perfectly combed while he's in jail?
    Nate and his family was pointless. I like the fact that he was being a good son and I do feel bad that in the end he was lied to.
    Dan and Serena!!! Ugh!!!!! These two bothered me so much in season 1 and 2 and now they are back. Noooooooo!!!! Lily was right Dan had no right to bug into their relationship no matter how good his intentions were. I hate his character so much because he acts all good and have good morals yet he is so judgmental.
    I wish Harold and Roman were in New York. Despite the drama, I wanted some good humor and actually good family time. I wishes Eleanor and Cyrus were in it too. I hate how this entire episode was base off of the Van der Woodsen and Blair was just hanging around. A Waldorf's Thanksgiving is so much better.
    Chuck! What is wrong with you? I have nothing left to say because he is pissing me off. He is always pushing Blair away. And thanks to him, Blair is now working with Dan
    Okay I really hope nothing eill transpire between Blair and Dan. But since this is Gossip Girl, it won't surprise me if they do hook up. I know it will in no way compare to what Chair have, but I still don't want ti to happen. Dan is just...so gross.

    Saad khan

    It was good but it was all talk talk and talk no real drama... plus Dan and Serena are Overdosed... its too much nothing new... Dan in Serena's hand makes her floozy now. Get Over it . they have broken up in real life and now they are patching them up on T.V its just weird!
    Bring new good young boys not mature weird ones for Serena....
    I m hoping for Blair hook up with Damien Aka. Kevin Zegers, she needs to taste some thing else besides Chuck Bass. love them together but their isn't heat anymore or lust...maybe Blair hooking up with someone else perk Chuck Up :P


    So Serena and Dan kissed, S chose D, D said that he believes in S but still nothing gonna happen? WTH? If so, I want to see Blair and Dan together. They are a good match imo. B&D ftw, you can feel that there is something in the air between them.


    They completely f#ck*d up the character of Vanessa.


    Dan and Serena = OMG!!!
    But they shouldn't break them up after a few episodes again… Then it would be WTH? ;)


    "Vanessa cracks and sells out Jenny as the sole culprit. Wow, V." Yeah, no kidding. Vanessa has to be the most easily-manipulated person on the show (...in recent memory). It was a pretty good episode, Dorota was awesome, Chair was awesome, nice to see Dan stand up to Lily. Juliet is definitely the most evil villain Gossip Girl has seen yet. Can't wait for next week's episode when she gets taken down. Derena Derena Derena! Writers, please keep them together for longer than 2 seconds. Kind of sad that Penn Badgley and Blake Lively broke up just as Dan and Serena are getting back together though.


    "Lily commits her eldest child to rehab involuntarily." Serena isn't Lily's eldest child. Remember, Scott? He is the eldest, Serena is her 'elder' child. Just saying... Good episode. Season 4, for me, has been fantastic.


    Didn't Tate Donovan direct this episode?? No wonder he turned Lily and Rufus into bad parents of messed up Teenage daughters. After all super messed up-Marissa Cooper was his fictional spawn, and he was an absentee father!

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