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I am actually tired of Jenny, Vanessa, and Juliet. I think the show will go on just fine without them. I do know that Jenny is getting bigger now which is not good. Serenate and Chair will foil their plan leaving them crying again. When will they learn that you can never be a upper eastsider who been in the game every since they knew each other.


What an episode?! Chair scenes killed it. :) anyhoo I was thinking about Ben....so now we know he use to be a teacher...since Colin mentioned that. And then it got me pondering did we ever find out why Serena left/expelled borading school in the first series? A link maybe?! Ahhh loving this season so far I have to say V irks me it's a shame will be punished to see her and gothic barbie again!


Ok so o officially HATE Juliet and Vanessa. Vanessa must just accept that she will never have Nate or Dan. And that's not Serena's fault! She didn't tell Dan fall in love with me.
He clearly loves Serena more. I'm sorta glad Serenate is back on cuz they never had a chance, Jenny was always there to foil any of the situations.

Back to Vanessa, when will she learn that she can never mess with Blair! Ugh wi wasn't she in Haiti when the earth quake hit?!? I don't think Jenny will team up with J n V cuz she will want to come back to the UES at some point and work for Tim Gunn right?


i don't get why V hates S so much!

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