Gossip Girl Review: Seething With Hate

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Talk about going out with a bang.

The ending of "War at the Roses" was awesome. Like give-you-heart-palpitations awesome. The tension was likely boiling over in living rooms just as it was within Chuck.

Call it hate, love, or somewhere in between. Call it destiny. Call it the endgame of all endgames. When Chuck prepared to have his way with Blair on that table, it was hot.

Getting there was the only problem.

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Chuck and Blair finally got back together last night ... sort of.

Despite ending on that epic note, and the infinite potential of next week and future episodes, we didn't feel this one was the show's best up until that point. Some things didn't click.

It's not that we expect Gossip Girl to be believable, it's that this week seemed almost too convoluted and contrived at times, without the reliable doses of humor. But we disgress.

As Blair’s 20th birthday approaches, Nate and Serena have Blair and Chuck sign a legal peace treaty, one that prevents the ex-power couple from plotting to destroy one another.

Ridiculous as this is, it actually fits the characters and their over-the-top schemes. Their war games are, as Chuck suggests to Dan, far too complex for commoners to even grasp.

Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick can convince us of anything their characters do, as well, allowing for major creative liberties on the writers' part. Dan's role last night, though?

For whatever reason (Blair needing a new foil, basically), he decides to take Chuck and Blair down as revenge, and also to bring Jenny back to celebrate Lily and Rufus' anniversary.

Right away, we were skeptical. Why is Dan hell bent on this? Why is the one-year anniversary of a fifth marriage a big deal? Would sneaking J in be that hard? Would Chair care?

We can't say. But when he and Eric (?!) decide to plant a fake Gossip Girl story about Blair and Jack Bass hooking up, Chair sees right through it. Seriously, Dan, why even try man.

Meanwhile, Serena is still trying to resist Professor Colin. Six whole weeks is just too long. Juliet learns about S' woes and gets S to agree to let Juliet “chaperone” her at Blair’s party.

Her job? Distract Serena when Colin’s around. Seriously, they are reaching here. Juliet just volunteers this and S accepts? S can't be trusted not to maul Colin at a fancy function?

Eh, this is Serena, so we'll buy it.

Ms. Serena

Can Serena last six weeks without jumping Colin? Decisions, decisions ...

Of course, Nate convinces Serena be her "chaperone" instead, which messes up Juliet's plan, and Nate has to work hard to calm S down as she sees Colin flirt with someone else.

As if things weren't confusing enough, Nate sees Colin and Juliet, then assumes they’re dating and that Colin is Ben. Turns out Colin is Juliet's cousin and isn't in on this ... well, yet.

Things come to a head when Dan, having stolen the peace treaty and apparently read some juicy details, convinces a record exec named Rita that Blair's party is actually a roast.

Rita arrives with a video of Blair drunkenly serenading Chuck after a Robyn concert. Robyn is there personally, as well. This video humiliates Blair so much that she rushes away.

Again ... we don't see Dan pulling this off, or Blair not laughing off the incident. After all she's been through, Jenny included, THIS is a huge embarrassment to her? Come on guys.

Believing this was Chuck's doing, Blair confronts him until Dan reveals he was behind it. Rufus is disappointed he's become "one of them." So are we, for aforementioned reasons.

Juliet sneaks away to speak on the phone with Ben, who tells her that even if Colin is the professor in question, they have to use Serena’s relationship with their cousin to ruin her.

Serena and Colin decide not to sleep together - our girl has such willpower! - but they do kiss in his apartment. Juliet apparently managed to install a camera there to capture it.

Finally, Chuck emerges after Blair's party ends to tell her the deal is over. Friends have to like each other and they're not friends. Blair agrees that she can’t stand Chuck, either.

Peace treaty? Off. Pants? Also off. Aggressive sex? Oh, it's so on.

As Robyn's "Dancing On My Own" plays, the moment fans have waited for arrives, the night was somewhat redeemed, and if nothing else, we can't wait to see what happens next.

What did you think of last night's Gossip Girl? Discuss!


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I love Blair and Chuck so much . Looking forward the next episode!


Wow, wow, wow! Man that final scene was amazing, Chuck and Blaire single handedly make this show worthwhile. The whole world can go up in flames right now, I couldn't care less what happens to Dan, Serena, or anyone else...Chuck and Blaire are back in business!


I'm not really feeling this season of Gossip Girl but that closing scene got me really excited for what's to come. How hot was that! Dan's story lines do not intrigue me at all and I wouldn't have missed Vanessa if she hadn't have showed up for her 30 seconds of screen time tonight. I'm curious as to where the Juliet story line is going and what Serena did to warrant this revenge. Overall, not a bad episode, but an amazing ending! (PS - Love that Blair and Chuck were in color-coordinating outfits at the party/reconciliation. Coincidence?)


@ Brooklyn Gossip: LOL, are you serious? Dan's "plotting" was weak. Not to mention hypocritical.

Kimberly anne

The episode annoyed me in so many way, but the last scene just made it all better.
First off, why would Frufrus want Jenny back for his anniversary with Lily. Its there one years, so they might would want to spend it together alone. Dan actually wants everyone together on this occcasion? Umm, ewww.
Dan was a freaking asshole in the episode. He bitched more than Blair and that is just so pathetic of him to as a guy. For some reason his logic did not make sense. How was messing Blair's party, going to bring Jenny back the same night? He's dumb. And I can believed he actually attemped in messing with Chair. He needs to take a page from Jenny's book, preferably the last one when she said Chuck and Blair together are invincible. He really has no life now. Vanessa was even better than him in this episode. He better not mess with them again, better yet, he should leave the show.
Seriously, what is the point of Nate anymore. He's just there, like Ben, who has yet to do anything but call and text from prison. The scene of him and Dan at the hotel was very stupid. Does he just leave the house before is friends does?? Who does that? And why would he be the one to have the treaty? it would have been in better hands if it was with Dorota or Arthur.
Serena and Collin were very booring to me because nothing happened besides a kiss. Wait, so Ben and Juliet are siblings and Collin is their cousin. Hahaha, I keep thinking the aren't relatied nd that Juliet was hooking up with both of them for some reason.
Chuck and Blair were amazing. I would have liked more scenes of them. I though the writers could have given them more tension scenes like Serena and Collin did to built up to the ending. I love Blair's pictures are the party. The scene in th end was awesome!!! I love the song played. It was worth all the drama that came before this episode since season 4 started. I missed the part of what Penelope said about the cd. What is the cd exactly about?? And I love the fact that Blair admitted to looking for Chuck in the summer. They are just the best couple ever.
I can't wait for the nest episode. The promo looks so good.


Whatever Serena did do Juliet's and Ben's family, I don't really get it why would Serena getting kicked out of college be an excellent revenge.. Face it, school was never her priority and what's another year without school in Serena's world..


I'M FREAKING OUT!! that was amazing!!


Last night's episode was great! It provoked a lot of emotions out of me and my sister. For one, I was pissed off at Dan, what was up with him? Exactly whay was Lily and Rufus' one year anniversary so important to him and making sure that Jenny was there? And his "evil" plotting? If that's the best he can do, then he sucks at evilness. And I don't know why people are always pointing out that "your getting as bas as C & B", "turning upper east side", there's nothing wrong with the UES, lol!
Second, I don't believe that Serena would all of a sudden trust Juliet and accept her chaperoning. That's a total turn around from when Serena was convinced that Juliet was out to get her and no one believed her!
Third, Eric,Eric, Eric...I should have pointed this out long ago (or maybe it's my love for fanfiction that makes me think) but didn't Eric treat and love Chuck like his brother? And now it's like he threw Chuck away and everything's all about Jenny, Jenny, Jenny.
Fourth, Chair sex at the end? Totally hot and loved it! I squeeled and then gasped when they actually SHOWED Chuck ripping off Blair's panty's? Garter? I could NOT believed they showed that! It was as good a scene as the original Limo scene!


i'm nearly fainting when i saw chuck and blair sex scene hbsdilshfo;ahfo;ishf i'm freaking out. HOT and SEXYYYYY.


That was, without a doubt, the weakest episodew of the season. It started out promisingly enough. In fact, after the first half-hour, I was waiting in anticipation to see how it would all play out. And then...it fizzled. The writers couldn't have written a more anti-climactic finish then if they'd allowed the cast members to give a dramatic reading of "This I Remember" for the final 30 minutes. Drunk karaoke was Blair's huge secret? Embarrassing sure and ill-timed, but hardly worth the hype as Dan sweated and waited regretfully for her plan to unfold. Speaking of which, why would he suddenly care that Rufus and Lily were there? They weren't doing back-up vocals, so why he wanted to back out after discovering they were at the party doesn't really make sense. And rather than exploring the new, vengeful side of Dan, they instead wrap up his storyline neatly with a cozy little chat on the phone with dad. Heart-warming. Beyond that, why exactly was Juliet at the party? I realize she had a plan, but as soon as she discovered who Serena's professor crush was, she high-tailed it out of there. Sorry writers, but if you're going to build that much suspense, there'd better be pay-off in the form of the dean walking in on Serena and lover boy half-clothed and preparing to do the nasty, then expelling her/firing him on the spot. Thankfully B&C managed to satisfy their frustration at the end. I wish the same could be said for viewers of this episode.

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