Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Witches of Bushwick"

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Welcome back to another edition of TVF's Gossip Girl Round Table, where our panel breaks down Monday's show (see our review of the episode earlier this morning).

Below, Gossip Girl staff writer Mister Meester joins editor-in-chief DANdy and esteemed TVF co-founder/shot-caller Gossip Guy to further discuss "The Witches of Bushwick" ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from last night?

Gossip Guy: I know the Chair fans will go nuts for the three little one syllable words in the comments, but I'll go with Blair's much more subtle response to where she's going: "I'm going to hell with the other sinners."

Mister Meester: "Girls know when a guy says that during it doesn't mean 'I love you,' it means 'I love having sex with you.'" Nate Archibald's wisdom defies comprehension.

DANdy: Gotta love Chuck invoking Brangelina in making a serious point about his relationship with Blair: "Look at Brad and Angelina. They take turns on top!"

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2. Was Team Brooklyn's plot the most diabolical scheme in Gossip Girl history?

Gossip Guy: Breaking up several couples and ruining two girls' futures? I'd say so. Just one question, why would the Gothic Barbie mess with her own brother that's always been there for her? Messed up. Even for a raccoon.

Mister Meester: Jenny and Juliet together truly are a force to be reckoned with. I would have said yes even before Juliet DRUGGED AND KIDNAPPED Serena.

DANdy: Serena did cover up a murder once, right? So... close second.

3. What was the biggest plot hole of the night?

Gossip Guy: That either guy would confuse Juliet for the woman they dated. Come on, faces aside, the girl does her own hair and lacks a certain something something in the boobs department.

Mister MeesterAs I always say, I'm willing to overlook dubious details (i.e. everyone reading Gossip Girl blasts at the same time, one second after they're live, or texting the Dean as a means of withdrawing from Columbia) as long as the characters behave consistently. Which is why I'm focusing on Vanessa here. Typically, she acts above all the drama. Now all of a sudden she loathes Serena to an almost pathological degree? The writers seem totally at a loss with V.

DANdy: Neither Dan nor Nate recognizing that the lips they kissed didn't belong to Serena. God knows if I ever had the pleasure of kissing Blake Lively, I'd never forget it.

Chuck and Blair in Action

IT'S OVER, AGAIN: But is this breakup for the best?

4. Did Chuck and Blair make the right decision?

Gossip Guy: Uh oh, I'm about to go way too deep for a Gossip Girl Round Table, but I'm going to say yes. Sometimes, people become comfortable and don't grow while in a relationship. Blair exemplified this last season. I think the girl is right and she needs to be Blair Waldorf for now before she can become Chuck Bass' girlfriend. Fate (and the writers) will eventually bring them back together.

Mister Meester: I liked Chuck's if-you-love-her-set-her-free attitude, and can see where Blair's coming from to a point. But after deciding their love is more important than anything else, she does a 180 five minutes later after being chastised by Anne Archibald, who's married to a dude in PRISON? It just made no sense.

DANdy: Not unless the show actually keeps them apart for a few seasons, which is about as likely as me going two Round Table questions without invoking the beauty of Blake Lively.

5. Favorite couple: Derena, Serenate or Date?

Gossip Guy: Definitely Date. Speaking of Dates, can I crash their little Red Dead Redemption Romance back at the place? Toss me a controller. That's a threesome I could get in on. Hopefully they downloaded the Undead Nightmare DLC. Too nerdy?

Mister Meester: After seeing the new promo (see Gossip Girl spoilers), I'm back on Team Derena.

DANdy: Option D: Serena and whatever tight dress she's wearing.

BONUS: Rate last night on the Vanessa uselessness scale (1-10, 10 being the most useless).

Gossip Guy: 34.

Mister Meester: 9.5. See Juliet's direct acknowledgment of this, and my answer to #3.

DANdy: 8.5.

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Admit it. Gossip Girl is definitely on the top again. In the middle of Season 3 I stopped watching. After watching Touch of Eva, I was surprised at how much they were able to resume with old GG atmosphere that is in season 1 and 2. The excitement returns. Hope the JJV vs NJBC will go on til last episode. That's the most interesting storyline right now.


@ abro I agree with you. It wasn't Ann who made her change her mind; it was KC. Sometimes I wonder if people commenting are watching the same show as me. Best line of the night: Juliet calling V useless which we've all known since S1. That and the Dean asking "Who are you?" in the last ep give me hope that maybe her character will be written off the show. Please.


I HAVE A QUESTION THAT SOMEONE BETTER ANSWER, OR AT LEAST ATTEMPT TO. is eva coming back?! i remember once hearing that she might be reaccuring and that they would "love to have her return to the UES for a while" while i myself am a huge chair fan, i must say this doesnt sound COMPLETELY horrible. I know, u probably all wanna stab me right now. but i think this could actually be a good thing for chair.First they need to spend sometime completely apart no interaction whatsoever (more romantic that way).chuck should focus on the hotel and having a few meaningless hookups with diff girls here and there (he wouldnt be Chuck Bass if he didn't) and then,once blair has finally reached her full ''be-known-as-blair waldorf-instead-of-chuck-bass's-girlfriend" potential and is finally ready for a full-committed no/cheating/secrets RELATIONSHIP with him, just as she is about to tell chuck all this, Eva swings by telling him that she hasnt been able to stop thinking about him and that she is sorry for leaving so abruptly after he doubted her for all of two minutes. and that he decides to give her a second chance. this of course, will have blair furious, so she will confront chuck about it and he will say that "eva had brought out the best in him and even though he still loves blair, he thinks he could grow to love eva too" and that time apart has caused them to not exactly 'forget' about each other, but just focus on other things so long that they have forgotten some of the romance they used to have then blair should do whatever it takes to get chuck back and not in the scheming ''get-this-french bitch-away-from-my-man'' type way but more in the ''i-love-chuck-and-i-need-him-back'' type way. then i hop[e that leads towards a major confrontation between eva and blair with everyone watching including chuck, and that eva says something horrible to blair that chuck cannot forgive. maybe her bulimia is back and eva finds out and mocks it? anyway, i hope that made sense to u all. i just wanna know if eva is even coming back at all to begin with!


And Lily saying that it's not the first time Serena's having an affair with a teacher, that it happened when she was in boarding school? i think she said it because juliet told her that,not because she knew for sure,if u see closer the situation is difficult to believe ben is in jail because of "just" that, i doubt serena rape him, so he can blame her and hate her that much...if this hooking up with the teacher is true, he must to have some fault in it and it makes look iincomplete all collin and juliet have been saying so far about him. and serena never seems to connect ben with any "secret",when juliet remind her about her other secret, she didn't had the tinniest clue.i'm starting to think she may not be the responsible of ben situation, remember damian is behind of this too...


serenate forever.


I hope you all see where this is going? Juliet's brother is in prison because of Serena. She had an affair with him in boarding school while she was a minor and that's probably why he went to jail. Remember when Juliet told Colin Ben was so optimistic when he started teaching? And Lily saying that it's not the first time Serena's having an affair with a teacher, that it happened when she was in boarding school? I gotcha Gossip Girl


does anyone remember what chuck said about blair choosing between her head and her heart, he was saying something like why choose either? if anyone can post the dialogue in that scene i'd appreciate it forever


to lily-pads jenny just put the card into a new phone so serena would have all her stuff and contacts but with a new number so how ever she txted they wouldn't knwo who it was.


I haven't read the comments yet, so if someone else feels this way... I fully agree! In all of the posts, it says Blair ended things because of Anne's judgment. When I was watching, I thought it was Casey calling her "Chuck Bass's Girl Friend" instead of her own name, implying she's a nobody without Chuck is why she ended things. The minute Casey mentions getting some press for "CB's GF" you can see Blair's facial expression change. just saying, that's how I read it.


what was anne archibald doing at chucks party? wasnt she supossed to be at blairs?

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