Gossip Girl Sneak Preview: "The Townie"

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As Chuck notes in the first promo for next week's Gossip Girl, shared enemies make for unlikely friends. In this new clip from "The Townie," we see Dair recruit such a figure.

It's Damien, Jenny's dealer/boyfriend from last season, and unlike some of the convoluted plots the show has used to bring back Georgina, this actually kind of makes sense!

Kevin Zegers' character is in the suburbs, doing his (shady) thing, when Dan and Blair find him. They tell him what Juliet did and how he might have been involved indirectly ...

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ohh gawdd damienn is twooo damnn sexyyy i luv his bad boy characterr


i can't help it i find Damien kinda hot with all the drug dealer/bad boy image. and i dont think she did something wrong to jenny, he was right when he said that jenny was too young for him and their relationship wouldnt work without sex... come on sex is important for everyone especially for twentysome-year-old males=P So i think a (grown-up)Jenny/Damien couple would be extremely HOT!


Jenny/Damien FTW!!!


WRONG! nothing to do with damien .. just for 1 episode. -,-
josh and stephanie really need to BRING GEORGINA SPARKS RETURN!! because Georgina is a regular antagonist character with recurring character ! she is the best! she was bring GOSSIP GIRL full of BLAST !! have to remember of michelle ! come on ! bring SOME DRAMA of georgina sparks again and help blair to find and destroy Juliet sharp !


does any one know where that bag came from???


OMG That looks good!!!!


they cant bring damien back without having jenny there as well ;)


Blair and Dan have few options when it comes to tracking down the drugs that were used to basically poison Serena. My guess is that they went to the only connection they had. Chuck and Nate may like their "herbal" remedies but we're talking prescriptions here, thus far that doesn't seem to be of any interest to them. So back to Damien. They only drug dealer they know that for sure sells prescriptions. It would have been a good start. After all there was a TON of stuff in that room. A big sale might be talked about. (I have no idea, just a guess). It's unlikely that either of them would have remembered that he once went to the same school as Serena, not with all the Jenny drama that went down last season.


MINTTTT, Damien is back.


I dont get 1 thing: why does Dair go looking for Damien (hottie ;-)))) if they realize his connection with boarding school only while talking to him?!?

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