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    Her parents shall be banashed in hell.




    bride of chucky no??????


    Someone should tell her that Elvira already had a career.


    She reminds me of Stevie Nicks


    Somebody needs to tell her to get a haircut, wear some normal clothes, and stop with the raccoon eyes. It's funny how she thinks she looks so cool but in reality she just looks ridiculous. And from what I can tell she has an attitude problem..season 1 Jenny was ok, even likable, but now she's horrible..please do us a favor Taylor Momsen and dress your age, oh and please wear a color other than BLACK! Jeez


    God she looks disgusting.
    the choker makes her look like she has no neck. A fashion faux pas for sure.


    honestly I'm not going to make any slut comments or anything but I will say that I have seen some much more put together "rocker/goth" looks from taylor in the past so this whole look is a bit hideous, and not because shes showing skin or looking all goth but because shes done better than this and its a bit of a let down that she looks more put together walking down the streets of new york than she does at an awards show


    They're the freakin EMA's, not the oscars. And i didn't said she ''can be'' a skank, cause i don't know her personally so i dont know if she's a skank, neither does you. And bottom line what happens in her panties is not and should not be our business.


    I can let the girl be? But... This is. I dunno. Not her anymore. Maybe I'm just not used to it. But my initial reaction would be: Eew.