Grey's Anatomy Musical Episode: Confirmed!

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The rumors are true. Grey's Anatomy is doing a musical episode.

The ABC medical drama is planning the event later this season, but don't expect the doctors to just burst into song and start dancing down the halls of Seattle Grace.

Thank goodness. What can we expect? TV Guide tells us ...

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Creator Shonda Rhimes says the Grey's musical episode will differ from other shows that have attempted one. She cites Buffy the Vampire Slayer as an example.

"[Ours] is sort of the opposite of that in a weird way," Rhimes says. "They did an all-out, show-stopping, Broadway kind of musical episode. This is very different."

Okay, but the question remains ... why on earth would Grey's Anatomy do a musical episode at all, and how the heck will it be anything but cheesy and lame?

Read on for her answers to that and much more ...

"We keep saying that Seasons Six and Seven are the seasons to try anything and everything we've always wanted to do," says Shonda. "I've wanted to do a musical episode since the day Season One started shooting. Now, we have the space to try it."

"Also, I finally have the right idea and the right talent to make that happen."

Chandra Wilson and Sara Ramirez can carry a tune. What about the others?

"You will be surprised to discover that some people sing well. That's sort of a little gift to the fans, to discover that people who are not necessarily known for singing have pretty great voices. Also, some people won't [sing] because it doesn't go with the story."

"It's definitely a Callie-heavy story, but it's a story we would've told whether there was singing or not. It's always nice to have a Tony winner on deck to do a little singing."

"The storyline is in very early stages. We're not going to have an episode where you turn on the television and people are singing for no reason. It has a reason, there's a story underneath it and there's a point to the whole thing. I'm still nervous about it."

"You can do something like this and it can come out not the way you intended. I have been working very carefully because I want it to still be our show, but heighten it."

As for the songs themselves, the show-runner says we can expect some of the Grey's Anatomy music that's helped define the show over the six-plus seasons so far.

"Our show is known for its music. I very much wanted to do something that was musical without being a musical. Part of the way I figured out that we could do this was to take the songs that our show has made iconic and have them be sung by our cast members."

"We're singing songs that Grey's Anatomy has made famous."

"I don't want to talk about any particular songs yet because we're still in the process of clearing everything. But when [executive producer] Betsy Beers and I sat down to make the list, we joked that we have too many songs that we could use."

In the end, says Rhimes, "It just became about picking the most iconic ones, the ones that best suited our singers, and the ones that made the most sense."

What do you think? What songs will we hear the cast members belt out - and is this the worst idea you've ever heard? Maybe it'll actually be cool? Discuss!

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The episode SUCKED!!! If I wanted to watch a musical I would watch The Sound of Music, this TV show is a Hospital Drama show and I thought the musical version absolutely BLEW BIG CHUNKS!! DO NOT DO IT AGAIN!!!!


I think that a musical episode is awesome and cool. the songs that i would pick are breathe, how to save a life, whatever gets you through today, grace (the mer der sex in exam room), chasing cars.


I know that this musical episode is going to be awesome... Because of sara ramirez chandra wilson kevin mckidd sarah drew and other sercet voices that we dont know about from day one


just give them a chance, i think it'll be great.
Especially if they sing; A Bitter Song (meredith drowning) ,Timeless ( derek saving meredith), Breathe (meredith with a bomb lol) , How to save a life, Chasing Cars, Keep Breathing ( Christina and Burke, Burke leaving, christina crying), Nowhere Warm and... OFF I GO (izzie - george S5 finale)... The songs made the show even better...


i heard about this and thought to myself, "oh my god. MY life is complete!!!!!!!!!!!!"


I think this will be awesome! Its not like we haven't seen other characters sing before, Christina and Lexie sang Like a Virgin, and The Chief, Arizona and Owen performed Baby its cold outside. How is it that much harder to picture them performing more than one song in an episode. Shonda has made such an amazing show and I have no doubt that she will be able to make this work without it being cheezy.


oh. my. god.
what the hell
why on earth are they doing a musical episode?
like that will cause ratings suicide!
i get it on glee, but on greys!!!???
and theyre gunna be doing music that has made the show popular?
like what? snow patrol and the fray? somethings tells me that this stunt shonda will pull will blow up in her face!
i dont think ill be able to watch it....


When I first heard that grey's was considering a musical episode I was thinking "oh god bursting into song and broadway bad bad idea!" Now maybe it isn't as bad as I originally though but I'm not jumping up and down here yet. I need to see this episode and the SL that matches with it and what songs they will choose before I think anything. If GA had to choose songs that made then famous I would pick: How to save a life,Chasing cars,Breathe,The Quest,Wait till you see my smile (the last one because I


My brain and typing don't sync today!!!


OK...for this to even remotely work they should right it as some kind of open mic night or karaoke thing. That I can get with this show but just a freaking muscial...sounds to cheesy and doesn't fit the show. I cannot see Christina Yang busting into song! She would punch her own self in the face and then laugh! I mean come on!


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