Happy Birthday, Penn Badgley! 11/01/2010

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Penn Badgley turns 24 today, and he needs the birthday wishes of his Gossip Girl fan club more than ever.

Late last week, details of the actor's break-up with Blake Lively went public. And while sources say the pair has remained professional on set, let's face it: splits are never easy, especially when the person you're splitting from looks like Blake Lively.

So send send this star your best today and take a few moments to appreciate him via the following photo montage. Happy birthday, Penn!

Penn Rocks!
The Badger
So Sexy
Blake and Penn: Just So Cute
Ed and Penn Pic
A Penn Badgley and Blake Lively Picture
Penn Kisses Hil
A Penn Image
Hilary Duff and Penn Badgley
Penn's Got the Goods
Penn Up Close

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WakiWakeupuppereastsiders, haah don't say that, it's interesting to know new people!


Yeah, that's right, happy birthday in portuguese :) and thanks for praising my language The Yalier! when foreign people say how beautiful it is, it actually makes me curious about how it'd be like to listen to it without understanding..lol


You're welcome!
Actually I'm french who speak portuguese and who loves Gossip Girl and New York too.
sorry i'm telling my life who interess no one. :p


WakiWakeupuppereastsiders, thanks, I can't really speak portuguese, but I think it's beautiful.


Happy B Penn Badgley!
Brazilian girl said "Happy Birthday" in portuguese ;)


we have the same birthday :)


Brazilian Girl, what did you say in that 1st line?


Feliz Aniversário! Have a nice day and keep working on that hilarious faces for GG's gag reels LOL!


Happy Birthday Penn ! Love you!

I am xoxo

why tvfanatic dont even put an effort to put other picture for penn 24th birthday wish? this is the same with last year....sooooo 2009.


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