Hellcats Preview: What is Marti's Plan?

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The latest episode of Hellcats focused on sexting and shaking, as naked photos of Vanessa were passed around campus, while director Debbie Allen choreographed a couple impressive dance sequences.

Taking a look ahead, The CW hit takes next week off and then returns on December 1 with what appears to be a fun installment. Titled "Think Twice Before You Go," the hour will focus on one significant event: Marti coming clean to Savannah about Dan. Gulp.

Get an early look at the episode now and see just what Marti will be up to:

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This is going to be a great episode, I really want to see some fighting between the girls


TV Fanatic, please correct this mistake. It's naked photos of Alice and not naked photos of Vanessa. Lately, you guys have been making a lot of mistakes. The review for the TVD episode Katerina also had 1 or 2 mistakes.


naked photos of Alice, not Vanessa

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There is a scholarship for cheerleading? For being a football groupie?


You know what gets me through? Hope.