Holiday Madness: Coming to 90210!

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Next Monday, 90210 will celebrate the holiday season with a party that includes:

  • An egotistical Adrianna.
  • A secret-spilling Victor.
  • Elves.

Elsewhere on "Holiday Madness," Annie and Liam will get hot and heavy once again, while Teddy deals with he and Ian's kiss (reviewed HERE) and Naomi gets an unexpected surprise. Check out the official CW preview for this episode now:

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Personally, I hope Victor spills Adrianna's secret because that girl needs to be grounded. Her ego is unbelievable lately!


I honestly don't care what happens. I just hope Naomi is in it. She's way better then any other character. It's a true fact. Her acting skills may not be perfect, but she's getting there.


I'm so over Adrianna. She needs to stop with that prima donna act.


Liam and Annie!!!!!!!!!!! Finally.......


Victor is Adrianna's manager and Javiar's Uncle.


Who the hell is Victor? lmfao I cannot remember that guy for the life of me

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.