How I Met Your Mother Review: "Blitzgiving"

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How I Met Your Mother’s Thanksgiving episode was for the birds - and I’m not talking about a “Tuturkeykey.”

Jorge Garcia tried valiantly to make a memorable guest appearance, dropping gems such as Kraft and Croft night and double rainbows. Unfortunately, little worked.

The Lost references, like the use of the infamous numbers (4, 8,15,16,23, and 42), fell short and lacked punch, much like the nod to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, which followed the gang getting stuck in the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Jorge Garcia on HIMYM

To makes matters worse, Zoey was back. Ah, man!

There were a few moments worth noting, though:
  • Barney in the back of the cab as he tried to pronounce his driver’s name, “Babbaka.”
  • Robin falling for Wang Guy based solely on a picture of his “junk.”
  • Barney, completely out of context and clearly agitated, admitting to sleeping with the “hot Indian girl” who cut his hair simply because he had forgotten to brag about it earlier.

The main question of the episode - can enemies ever be friends? - was a good one. It was no doubt a nod to Ted and Zoey getting together, but was this surprising to anyone? Zoey is unhappy in her marriage; not exactly a news flash, right? I mean, they shot Kennedy, too. The show’s creators used a typically festive and hilarious episode to weave their silly web of Ted’s wife a little further. What happened to Slapgsiving? I guess Marshall just put tradition on hold for a year?

As I watched yet another disappointing holiday episode (See "Canning Randy"), I’m sure I missed some legendary television moment on another channel. While I ended up feeling like I was the Blitz, I fear our beloved show might find itself sacked if it keeps dishing out stuffing like this week’s episode.

The best part of Thanksgiving is leftovers, and while I won’t be going back for seconds of this episode anytime soon, there were a few tasty quotes to give thanks for and revisit:

Ted: Who canceled, your coven?
Steve: Coven, group of witches, boom! | permalink
Zoey: Barney was here? I was walking around half naked.
Barney: Aw Man! Wait which half? | permalink
Lily: It's a booma-wang.
Robin: Nice,
Lily: Thanks.
Robin: No I meant the wang. | permalink
Barney: Robin! Robin! I will pay you to be the Blitz. A hundred dollars, no! Ten thousand dollars, no! Sixty bucks. What's a lot of money to someone like you? | permalink
Robin: I think the smaller turkey just tried to crawl further inside the bigger turkey. | permalink


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One of the best episodes ever!!!! Great appearence from Hugo. Barney was his awesomest best and although I hate Zoey she didn't look that bad in this one. 5 stars for sure


Could zooeys stepdaughter hannah be 'the mother' because i dont really see why its so important that he gets along with her.


This episode was FABULOUS. If you can't see that, then you need to review another show.


Love ZOEY! Please keep her.


Piecar, its not done for a studio audience, though they still would have needed to pile in and out of the car since they changed spots everytime.


aww man!! are you kidding me? this episode was awesome!!
i hope this review writer gets blitz curse :p


OH cmon!! If you didnt like this episode is completely impossible for you to actually enjoy HIMYM!! The episode was awesome. almost every review I read agrees with me on this. So, you probably dont like HIMYM in the first place. Sorry, but its true.


They were two cheezy LOST references and obvious ones. I guess Garcia is going to have to tough these things out for a year or so, but after that I'd suggest he put a moratorium on them. The Ferris Beuller references were way funnier, because the movie has had time to mellow into a small classic. I liked the ep mainly because there was so much movement in it. They were all over the place. There were several sets, and they do this for a studio audience, so they had to pile into that cab all those times in sequence. good times. My favourite line of the night was Barney realizing, in all the conusion, he hadn't taken credit for a one night stand...Funny stuff.


you have GOT to be kidding me! why is that every time HIMYM makes an episode the reviewer doesn't like, he thinks the show will be cancelled? one, the show was funny, and two, even if it was a little disappointing, every show EVER has a disappointing show every now and again. i feel like the reviewer kind of wants this show to be cancelled.


Actually this was my second favorite episode of the season! Had a nice flow to it.

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How I Met Your Mother Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Robin! Robin! I will pay you to be the Blitz. A hundred dollars, no! Ten thousand dollars, no! Sixty bucks. What's a lot of money to someone like you?


Lily: It's a booma-wang.
Robin: Nice,
Lily: Thanks.
Robin: No I meant the wang.