Kevin Williamson Likely Developing Companion Series to The Vampire Diaries

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Christmas has come early for fans of The Vampire Diaries.

Multiple sources confirm that producer Kevin Williamson is in serious negotiations with The CW to develop a companion series to this suspenseful hit. What does this mean, exactly?

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The new show would not serve as a spin-off and would probably not feature any characters from The Vampire Diaries. But it would be based in a similar, supernatural world, as Deadline Hollywood describes the proposed series as "The X-Files meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

It would revolve around a team of researchers that investigates unexplained phenomena. To put it in more modern teams: Think Warehouse 13 meets Fringe.

Reports also state that Williamson would work with fellow
Vampire Diaries producer Julie Plec on the pilot, which would premiere on The CW next season.

As if this news isn't exciting enough, remember: The CW is also likely to air Secret Circle some time in 2011, a show based on another series of books penned by Vampire Diaries scribe L.J. Smith.

What do you think, fans? Does this sound like overkill? Or over-awesomeness? Sound off now in our Vampire Diaries forum!

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I want Bonnie and Damon. Bamon forever it's cant get any hotter than a witch and a vampire. Enough of this Damon and Elena bull, it's flat. Bonnie and Damon are on fire.


More interested in the Secret Circle based on the simple fact the people working on that actually worked on Buffy and Angel. Not hate on Kevin and Julie but they aren't really great with explaining the damn myth on their show as it changes on whim and they unable to get it out easily so how do I expect them to do good with science fiction/fantasy crime fighting. This show sounds like something that's on SyFy wait cause there is like 4 shows that are like this on SyFy. also I am not sure Kevin could balance two shows, he is no Joss Whedon.


This could be good, or this could be awful.


Damon and Stephen: Oh kathrin Elana: Um... actually I'm Elana!


LOVE the Secret Circle!!!! It would fit SO perfect into VD and I bet could cross over the story lines!!! I can not wait!!!!


Sounds to me like they are trying to find a new show to replace 'Supernatural', what with investigating unexplainable things. Also, how would this be considered a companion series to TVD if no one from TVD would be featured on the show? Aside from Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec working on the pilot, I really don't see why it's being called a companion series to TVD. Granted a companion series doesn't have to be a spin-off, but when the words 'companion series' are mentioned, my head pulls up shows like Buffy and Angel.


the warehouse 13 thing doesent sound interisting to me and im suprised they picked circle to make into a series out of all LJ's other books.


Sounds like supernatural meets haven....which we already have. not sure about this one.


I like the investigative series provided they don't try to make it a pseudo-reality program like the tripe that the SyPhylis channel now embraces :(


secret circle sounds cool but im down for anything involving kevin and julie cuz they are awesome

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