Lie to Me Review: "The Canary's Song"

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After a break last week for the World Series (congrats, Giants!), Lie to Me returned with "The Canary's Song," an episodes that stoked the coals of action and mined the depths of of Lightman’s wisdom for a result.

It felt a bit odd to wait until five episodes into this season to get the full story of how Lightman and his firm ended their relationship with the FBI. Wouldn't it have made more sense to include that tidbit in the premiere?

In a Mine

Another thing I noticed was there was only one incident of “Lightman Vision" this week. As I mentioned in my previous review, I really enjoy this new aspect of the show and was hoping for more.

One more oddity? Wollowski not even being mentioned. Seriously, if I didn’t know better, I would think this was originally slated to be the season premiere. However, everything else about the episode seemed to fit in line with its placement.

For example, Eli finally got off his butt and showed some initiative when he followed Lightman to the mine. Also, Gillian and Ria have learned that they work very well together, as the two of them were instrumental in the FBI going away... for good.

Then, there's Gillian and Lightman. Gillian showed more outward attraction/love for Lightman than she has at any point in the last two seasons. Further, Lightman softened in front of her. He reminded me of the Grinch when his small heart grew three sizes. And just as we thought they were going to kiss, the episode concluded. Talk about romanticus interuptus! Damn you, awesome writers, for leaving us wanting more!

The new direction of Lie to Me seems to be doing very well and I would love to send a big thank you to creator Samuel Baum for pulling the show out of the fire just before it burned up completely.  What did everyone else think?


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I did enjoy the episode. I agreed with someone's thoughts on another forum, lightman is beginning to do anything it takes on the streets to get the criminal. It makes for exciting scenes, but it's frustrating the hell out of me with the dynamics of the team. It's reminding me way too much of House. There's always been that similarity, but... "tweet, tweet..." ~Lignman
"800lbs of force, break the lungs, drown in blood, all that. Head shot, much cleaner" ~Lightman (paraphrase)
"That's what he gets for bringing a knife to a man's fight"
The way Lightman played everyone down in the mine towards the end was just brilliant. Especially exposing the guy's racism, and hypocrisy at the same time was awesome. I mean for real, no one liked that guy anyway! And the way the big guy just flattened him out, that made me happy :-) Although it's a great show, I also hate how they pretty much ignored the fact that Rynolds is gone. I would have that it at least they would play out the after affects in Ria's character. And now Willowski just disappears! At least they mentioned Ben, but...
Anyway, I would't be b*tchin' bout it except that I love the show, and these little things are curbing it. Don't mind me though... :-) Oh and one more thing. Loker was flippin' awesome. I wish someone had applauded him for it.


Great review! I loved this episode and the Cal and Gillian scene at the end was EPIC! "Damn you, awesome writers, for leaving us wanting more!" LMAO! But that's exactly how I feel!


I really loved this episode but I think that they are drawing out Cal and Gillian's unmistakable love for eachother maybe a little too much. Pretty soon it will be getting to old and they are going to have to let them go with it and let them fall into eachothers arms...

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Lie to Me Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

I am going to find out what happened down in that mine that makes you so ashamed. I am kind of a pain in the ass that way.


Lightman: I will take care of the FBI.
Gillian: All you do is antagonize them. What this requires is a woman's touch, get lost.
Loker: What was that about?
Lightman: I was *never* here.