Marc Singer to Resurface on V

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V really is going all out for season two.

The much-maligned ABC series has cast mini-series star Jane Badler in the key role of Anna's mother, and has also promised to up the action quotient a lot once the new season premieres on January 4.

Now, V has dipped into its past once again.

Marc Singer

Marc Singer, who played freedom fighter Mike Donovan in the 1980s version of this show, has been cast as a character named Lars Tremont.

Look for him to be a member of a secret organization, one comprised of high-ranking military and government leaders from around the world, all of whom have long been wary of the Visitors' intentions.

To many, Singer will always be known best for his role in the 1982 movie The Beastmaster. He also starred in a small screen spin-off of the same name.

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I am only joking. I would like to say hello to your Mother so I've tried to see you several times but no answer. If you have any reason why I should not see her please let me know. Bye.


My heart is not what it use to be. I have only a few more days of this and I will be gone, Marc. Bye.


Marc, the man who rescues you is a worthy man. Bye.


I am no joke when it comes to by husband's life. Please do not make things easier by wanting me dead. There are people who are waiting for you to believe in God before they do anything. Please do not plead with your friend who has intentions on making your life hell when you are older. He has not had a decent marriage since I was there. He is not waiting for anyone and he will wait for no one in the future. I am pleased that you are well and you are not injured by anyone. Please do not wait for anyone to teach you a lesson about Jean. We are not here to teach you a lesson. We are waiting for Marc Singer to give his notice in and make haste with Jean's mother then he will believe that everything is going to be alright.


You're not to speak to anyone about Jean Clarke or we will sue your company and your dog-like manner towards her. She is not your property and she never will be. Please do not speak to others like you own them or they will kill your son. I do not wish to be notified with any concerns about my son and you are not to speak to others about me in a context that only suits you. Good Bye, Marc.


creo que es una tonteria que hagan la segunda parte de Invasión extraterrestre cuando en realidad no lo es. Esta parte en donde sale Ana como la principal extraterrestre es un refrito y una copia barata de la original serie. En lugar de que hagan otra historia (que no tuvo éxito), deberían de hacer la continuación de Invasión extraterrestre con los Marc Singer, Jane Badler, Michael Ironside, faye Grant, Robert Englund, entre otros. La historia debe de ser de que Diana regresa a quererse vengar 25 años después y los antiguos miembros de la resistencia se vuelven a juntar para combatirlos. Obviamente podrían salir nuevos actores y ser una continuación de la serie orginal. Los principales actores deben de ser Donovan y Diana y no Ana.
Que dejen de hacer refritos baratos y que pongan la serie original con sus actores originales y como una continuación de 25 años después. Marc Singer se debe de llamar en la serie Donovan y no con otro nombre.


Little surprised to see that Marc Singer may return to the new "V". Actually, I really think we need Michael Ironside to return as Ham Tyler. He was terrific!!!!!


I think Marc should come back as Mike Donovan. Those of us that watched the series yrs ago will know and that's not right. We see him as Mike not some Lars guy. Why can't he just come back as Mike 2 help the resistance?


Instead of getting so many new characters, couldn't the old ones just get more air time? In particular, Hobbes - will some of his past get revealed? Do we find out who "Her" is?