Mark Dacascos Cast as Wo Fat on Hawaii Five-O

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You've seen him Dance with Stars and serve as the Chairman on Iron Chef America.

Now, Hawaii Five-O fans will watch Mark Dacascos play a classic nemesis on this CBS reboot. The part-time actor has been cast as Wo Fat, the long-time enemy of Steve McGarrett on the original version of this series.

Mark Dacascos

On the original installment, Wo Fat appeared on 11 episodes over 12 season. He served as a Chinese intelligence officer, but Hawaii Five-O producers have hinted that they have plans to change the character up a bit this time around.

No word yet on when Dacascos will debut in the role.

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sou brasileira mas tenho q convesar
amull esse caraa era lindo quando mais novo mais a pinta continua a mesma*_*
I love you
Te amo!!!


Hawaii Five O is a bore of a bad snoozefest! But now that Mark Dacascos has joined the cast I will tune in. What a brilliant and underrated actor. I will only watch his episodes, and hope they replace Alex Loughing with a better suited lead because no matter which show you place him in that dude simply can't act! Let's hope Dacascos will be in a lot of episodes to compensate for Loughling's horrible and bring up the show's sexy quotient thru the roof!


This could be very cool! I'm loving the new reboot of Hawaii Five-O and can't wait to see what Mark brings to the show.


He's my cousin (my mother's brother's son) and I'm so proud of him. I know Mark will be awesome in his new role. Especially since we've grown up watching the original Hawaii Five-O makes it even more exciting!


Now THAT will be a great shirtless fight scene.

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