Michael J. Fox to Return to The Good Wife

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Great news out of the world of The Good Wife today:

Producers have confirmed that Michael J. Fox - who suffers from Parkinson’s disease in real life and portrayed Louis Canning, an attorney with a "neurological disorder," on this season's sixth episode - will return in 2011.

Michael J. Fox on The Good Wife

“As soon as we saw the dailies of Michael playing Louis Canning, we started pleading with him to return,” series creators and executive producers Robert and Michelle King told EW. “Luckily he agreed. He’s amazing in this role: unpretentiously brave and funny. It’s good to have him back.”

Look for Fox to reprise this role on episode 13, titled “Real Deal." 

It will focus on Alicia trying to sign up homeowners for some kind of class action lawsuit. Reads a press release from CBS regarding the installment:

“As the two rush to sign up the same clients, Alicia begins to worry that Canning is actually working for the defendant and trying to undermine her suit by creating a competing one."

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Loved the episode with M.J. Fox although it made me uncomfortable at times...but that is good. We have been trained to not watch someone with a disability..to pretend it's not visible, but having to watch him perform,knowing he wasn't acting the signs of Parkinson's was a good thing. Maybe when enough people learn to see what a disability does to an individual honestly, it will make the powers that be to get behind research to help such people get the help they need, and make such research unnecessary. Glad to hear he will be back again and soon enough not to forget his first performance


It takes a lot of courage for an actor to play someone he knows many people will hate. Fortunately, MOST people are smart enough to appreciate the performance, and not hate the actor just because of the character he plays. Others just don't get it, it's sad to say. Their loss. Michael Moriarty played a Nazi officer in the TV movie Holocaust, and he said that people were swearing at him and spitting on him in the network cafeteria, if you can believe that. Hello, people -- it's called ACTING. Please get a clue....


YUCK! I really do like the show, but I did not care for the episode he was in and found myself fast forwarding a lot. I am not to go watch any other episodes with this character. If other people enjoy the character on the show, so be it, but I am not going to watch it.


I had a very hard time watching Michael J. Fox in this epi. I was never a big fan of his. While I'm glad he is still able to act & get work, I just REALLY got annoyed with his character. JMHO.

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