Michaela McManus on The Vampire Diaries: First Look

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In a recent, extensive interview, Vampire Diaries producer Julie Plec previewed the show's mid-season cliffhanger. Hint: it will have to do with an influx of werewolves.

But Plec also teased the role of Michaela McManus, who will come on board December 9 and portray Jules, a friend of Mason's from Florida. Look for this character to "cause all kinds of trouble," Plec says. That's all we can report for now... but it's rather intriguing, no?

Below, get your first look at McManus as Jules. She seems to have no problem revealing a certain aspect of herself to Damon... if you know what we mean:

Michaela McManus on The Vampire Diaries

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I hope she is better on here than on One Tree Hill. I didn't like her with Lucas. So hopefully so doesn't go after someone I like on this show... Like Stefan. But from the looks of this picture she is going for Damen which is going to make A LOT of people hate her lol. Should be interesting I can't wait!

Chair me up

i don;t mind her, but if she tries picking up damon < the revealing top..> i will become her biggest hater... no one should mess with delena.


pull up your top please, it looks cheap. And what about his hair! what the hell happened?


ya see alaric in the background


Maybe it's just the light?


What the hack happened to his hair?!

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