NBC Releases Extended Promo for The Cape

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The Cape is coming to NBC.

In January, viewers will get to know a new superhero, as David Lyons portrays a man framed for murder and forced to go on the run.

In order to avenge this wrongdoing and also remain in the life of his family, this former cop will take on the persona of the fictional character beloved by his son. We've already given readers a quick look at the upcoming drama, but NBC has released an extended, three-minute long video of The Cape. Check it out now:

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I hope NBC gives the cape a good chance to succeed and does a good job in promoting it


The most positive sign is the excellent supporting cast. Keith David, James Frain, Vinnie Jones, and Summer Glau is one hell of a
group to fill out a show with.


Mondays: ‘Event’ won’t survive the long hiatus and NBC knows that. I think they are hoping ‘Cape’ perfoms really well and they
could order more episodes and let ‘Event’ die elsewhere.


I like the Circus angle, as it's where he learns his skills.Think of the heroes who have been involved with the circus or were
trained there.Robin, Hawkeye and Nightcrawler.He also gets his mask during the second episode.


THIS IS KICKING MY ASS!!! I'm more excited to see this than Green Lantern LOL :))


Summer Glau alone would make me tune in any show :)


I loved David Lyones on ER, he was so hot.


ummm i am on the fence. i don't know if this is something that i would tune into and watch every week.


Summer Glau :D

The Cape Quotes

We are in the middle game. Pawns become crucial and out of your inexperience, you left your king vulnerable.


Police Chief: I hope that Chess character had a front row seat.
Chess: Backstage Pass.