Reality TV to Meet 90210!

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Heidi Montag... Kendra Wilkinson... Adrianna Tate-Duncan?!?

Sources confirm that this 90210 character is about to take yet another step in her career, as the series is casting for a character named Giles.

Look for him to be a sleazy producer who takes control of... At Home with Adrianna? Global Ade? This upcoming reality show needs your help with a title!

Adrianna on the Red Carpet

In other major 90210 news, Teddy will soon get a serious boyfriend. Any thoughts on who should play him?

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I for one love Adrianna. I have since her first time. I am positive that this storyline will eventually fold over and Adrianna will have nothing and she'll go back to the way everything is. Pretty obvious. No character this 'young' will get this much attention on 90210.


I love this storyline its interesting to watch ade is one of the best chracthers on the show


i love ade's singing career :)


I really wish that Ade would get out of the world of fame once and for all, as it's turning her into a complete monster. This upcoming thing with Giles will probably be exactly the same as this current thing with Victor.


I dont really like where this is going with Ade being famous


"Heidi Montag... Kendra Wilkinson... Adrianna Tate-Duncan?!?" I pains me to say it, since Ade was my favorite in the first season, but she has definately become as annoying as those two. I don't know why they keep trying to make this storyline happen. It's by far the worst part of the show right now.

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