Sarah Drew Dishes on Dream Grey's Anatomy Gig

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Before joining the cast of Grey's Anatomy, Sarah Drew made a name for herself with memorable stints on Everwood, Mad Men, Supernatural, Private Practice and more.

In a new interview, she opens up about what's next for Dr. April Kepner, what it's like working with the cast of Grey's Anatomy, her other roles and what TV she loves.

Excerpts from her Q&A with Digital Airwaves' Brittany Frederick below ...

On what's coming up for April: "There’s a little spark of interest romantically that begins to happen, but it does not go according to plan. We’re going to see her sort of dealing with that. They’re really playing with the fact that my character’s a virgin."

S. Drew

On being promoted to series regular: "It’s pretty amazing. I came on to the show and I was told from day one that I was only going to be there for two episodes."

"I knew from day one that my character was getting fired after two episodes. I did not expect anything beyond that. The morning my firing episode aired, my agent got a call that they were talking about a contract and I was just completely floored."

On the benefits of such a large cast: "It’s kind of the most ideal situation for an actor because you have time to have a real life. Some episodes I’ll only be working three days, other episodes will be heavier and I’ll have a lot more work. It’s a really nice situation."

"I wake up every morning pinching myself. It’s so rare to be part of a show that’s so well written and everyone is so lovely to be around. I’m so happy to be where I am."

On working with Shonda Rhimes: "[Private Practice] was the first time that I worked for Shonda. She cast me in that role and then I did her pilot that she did last pilot season (Inside the Box). After doing her pilot, she brought me on to Grey’s."

On guest starring on Glee and Mad Men: "I was beside myself because I grew up doing musical theater. I totally related to that character. But I didn’t really know what the scope of it was. Doing Mad Men was one of those beautiful artistic moments to me. Mad Men is a really, really special show. It’s written incredibly well. So I was just excited to sink my teeth into that material."

On shows she'd love to be on: "I really wanted to go and do something on Friday Night Lights. That was my favorite show. There’s a new show with my friend Garret Dillahunt called Raising Hope. We met a long time ago when I first graduated from college."

On the other shows she loves: "I also love like House and Bones. I watch some of those procedural shows. I watch True Blood and Vampire Diaries. Rookie Blue, I love. I was always watching Grey’s from day one. Anything with heart and interesting characters."

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The people who come to this site just to write about characters they would like to see killed are sick. Demented. You guys need help. Fast.


i hate Jackson I hope he gets killed this season finale


I very much dislike April. :/ I hope she gets killed this season finale or something T__T i just do not like her at all.


Why hasn´t this page change the Cast part at the right side? I mean, two of them are gone, so they should show in the cast Chambers, Dane, McKidd...Why is it not updated?


Really wow,How do you know all this? LOL You seem to be very in tune with what happens behind the scenes.


@ana114 One that I know of was KH blowing up at Patrick when he made fun of her when she had to come back late to film scenes and the actor
who was supposed to be playing opposite was unavailable. She was moaning about not wanting to act without someone there PD mocked her a bit and she threw a fit .


I love her!! Sarah Drew, I mean =)


@humbugged Now I'm curious what other incident happened behind the scene in season 3 other than the IW thing?


@fifi and @ana114 Your both right IMO .She was originally got the 2 episodes and then KH got the baby and took her Maternity leave ,
Sarah got asked back to cover until she came back and when KH finally left all together Sarah replaced her .And Jesse is TR's replacement . Sarah's explanation about the way the actors working schedule is exactly why they have a big cast .It takes nearly twice as long to film an episode of Grey's than say NCIS as Grey's is filmed in multi-cam as opposed to most shows which are single cam and only take 8 days at most to from start to finish ,whilst Greys can sometimes take 14 days to do .
A smaller cast would have burnt out by now ,working constant 16-17 hour days .IMO that was one of the symptoms of what happened behind the scenes during Season 3 ,IW being the most glaring but not the only example of what went on.
Like Sarah says they get to have time off in the odd episode and have a life off set.Chyler wasn't in a lot of the last episode but I read an interview(from during the filming of 7.08) with her where she said that her son was just starting school and she had gotten to take him most days .Or if you are PD you get to go racing,he got time off to do T3 and his charity charity stuff . IMO he would not have signed his extension if he was told that his outside stuf would have to stop and it was back to the constant long days.


I also think she was brought in to replace KH. I still don't like April. She bring nothing to the show. I don't care about her. Definitely waste of screentime.

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