Sons of Anarchy Season Finale Review: "NS"

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While it in no way makes up for the struggles of the first two-thirds of the season, the final stretch of Sons of Anarchy has been absolutely fantastic. The third season finale, "NS," had excitement, drama, surprises, and left me asking questions about what would happen next.

For the final 30 minutes I was on the edge of my seat, holding my breath, as well as any other cliche you'd like to use to explain how riveting the final chapter of this season was. 

Tension On the Rise

I had no idea what SAMCRO's plan was as they drove off to make the deal with the Russians for Jimmy O. There was a point where I was ready for everyone to pull their guns out and kill each other. Then I thought that maybe everything ended swimmingly with Jax's original plan working out perfectly. And then once Stahl ratted Jackson out as a rat himself, I was prepared to cry for my favorite Vice President.

It was just a very nice fake-out by both SAMCRO and Sutter and company.

Neither Stahl, the Russians, nor I knew what was going on. Nice acting by both Charlie Hunnam as Jackson Teller in that moment, as the ATF thought they had won, Jimmy O thought he was escaping death, and I thought Jax was screwed with his club. 

At the same time ,though, as for a majority of the season, I wondered what the big deal was. I understand that ratting anything or anyone out to the Feds is a huge no-no in the outlaw business, but Jax was getting Gemma out of prison, severely shortening SAMCRO's sentence, and screwing over some Irish that none of them were close to.

I don't get why the club would have been so outraged with Jackson.

It was nice to see SAMCRO, and the show itself, let those who had been hurt by Jimmy O and Stahl, respectively, be the ones to finish them off. I really had forgotten that Chibs and Opie were not with the rest of the crew up until I saw them arrive to the scene in the school bus.

Now, I was not surprised at all to see Chibs slice up Jimmy with scars not unlike his own before murdering him, but I was a bit shocked by Opie's murderous ways. I know Stahl is an awful human being, who played a large role in the death of Donna, but I did not want to see Opie as an executioner.

Now that Jax has made his choice to say "screw you dad, I'm going with Mom and Clay," I thought Opie was my only hope of a Son staying semi-straight. So what will Jax's mindset be next season? He's committed to Gemma and Clay more than ever, making the dilemma of what he'll do when he learns the truth about their past with his father utterly fascinating to ponder.

Let us not just skim over that fact. It was implied since the beginning, but stated here that the leaders of the club we are supposed to have feelings for murdered the founder of Sons of Anarchy.

Our protagonist's father. The man that this whole series may well be about. He was murdered, or at least ordered to death, by Clay and Gemma. Because he wasn't into the outlaw ways of the club? Was he a rat?  Jax's comments about not being like his father make it seem that way.

No matter what the reason, I hold John Teller in such high esteem that I automatically dislike these two characters much more than I already did.

The big question is what does this do to Jax. Jackson started the series as a guy that didn't really want the outlaw life. He then struggled for a couple of seasons with what he wanted for his life and the life of his children. If the events of this week's episode ring true to his actual motives, it seems Jax has chosen the dark side for the time being.

If Sons of Anarchy is about Jax's heroic journey, I can foresee him coming back to struggle with things, and in the end choosing to lead a better life for both him and his family. Whether that is changing what the Sons of Anarchy do, or quitting the club, Jackson Teller will get out of the business.

Let's just hope that it doesn't end the same way it did for his father.


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I loved the finale. Everything I wanted to see happen, happened. I wasn't surprised that Opie murdered Stahl - I think he needed that revenge to fully move on (emotionally) with his fiance. And I'm SO glad that Stahl is dead. I don't think Jax has seen the letters. I think he has a lesser opinion of his father, knowing that he cheated on Gemma and fathered a daughter in Ireland, but I don't think he realizes that Gemma knew that Clay would have him murdered. It's been suggested from Season 1 that Gemma and Clay were involved with John's death, so that's not a surprise to the audience, but it will be a huge surprise to Jax. I think Tara finding the letters will have her wanting Jax to get out of the club, fast. She won't want him to turn into Gemma/Clay. She's been wary of the club from the start, so all she needed was a push to get out, and the letters did that. I think next season will have Tara struggling with what it means to be in the club life, especially since she'll be alone (w/o Jax) when she's pregnant and gives birth (he'll be in jail). Kaylyn - Thomas was Jax's younger bro who died as an infant or young child from the heart problems that are genetic (why Gemma has the open-heart surgery scar - when Abel was born, he had heart problems as well).


So did Jax have a brother named Thomas? He's mentioned in the letters..Who is he..yet another storyline to my very favorite show.


AMAZING FINALE!!! I swear at the end I wasn't sure if I was going to burst into sobbing histerics because I was so happy Jax wasn't going to be killed or if I was going to Start laughing my ass off with the rest of them. The epesode had me so nervous I was bursting into cold sweats and everything. I was so happy when Sthall got whacked. :D outstanding!


Great finale. Sutter and company definately pulled a fast one on the audience with the club being in on Jax being a rat. I dont think Jax has a clue that Gemma and Clay were responsible for his dad's death. One thing to mention is that Gemma didnt want Jax to die, she tells Clay in the beginning of the episode that she doesnt want him to see the same fate that John did. Thats when I knew those two were responsible for his death. It truly changes thought how we perceive Clay and Gemma now. They are truly evil people regardless of the appearences they put up. Its a brilliant move by the writers, they did a similar thing with the Shield in the last 2 seasons when the audience, for the most part, went from liking Vic Mackey to the show revealing to us the scumbag he really was and turning the focus of the show from disturbed hero to downright evil bastard. I guessing that change took place last night when it comes to Gemma and Clay. Im guessing Tara and Jax will be at odds with those two for the remainder of the show now as they battle for the club and there humanity.


The IRA lords wanted Jimmy O dead, they said they'd supply the club with access to run guns to more powerful people who'd make them richer, clays whole retirement fund. The IRA wanted him dead, not in the custody of the US gov't. So freaking out that jax was a "rat" was all for the loss of big money and supply for the club. Now the club has the new connections to run guns, to Russians, I believe, thanks to the irish, and make more money, while serving only a short prison sentence, with Gemma in house arrest. This is what I've taken from the season, my memory is a bit foggy, but I'm pretty sure the club is gonna start new deals with new people next season, while battling Hale who should be mayor of charming and wanting to develop the town.


firstly... AMAZING show... will go down in history as one of the best!!
secondly... i think you are wrong to believe that John teller is so innocent and was executed for not wanting to run guns and that gemma and clay are evil. its how it was made out from the begining.. but after evering thing this season i think it will come out that JT was losing it and probably killed himself. of course gemma hates him, I do TOO after hearing that he was in Ireland when his son died and gemma had to go through it alone. i think Jax will see that the letters and the manuscript are just the words of a man who didnt stick with his family. thats wat jax meant when he said hes not like his father!


Actually megan ( comment 8 ) a hit was NEVER ordered for donna. It was for opie but she was driving his truck so it was an accident that she was killed. Obviously u are the one not paying attention.


edit: when i said jax had already read the letters i meant to say JT manuscripts. at the end of season 2 when he finished the book was when his suspicions arose that his father may have been killed. the last scene with the club in the car is the culmination of the ideas he has been mulling over for months, to try and find the truth but also the solution.


The way i saw the jax scene, after much watching and rewatching and pausing and debating, i think that jax has read the letters. Note the subtle theme that plays throughout the more recent episodes, where JT is narrating his letters over the storyline; that was done in the same way when he read the love letters to his mistress. In that episode, the narration played sporadically throughout the episode, but jax had already read the whole letter, so instead i think the JT narrations are to help the audience understand whats going through jax's mind that nobody else knows. AND FINALLY MY POINT! ::: jax has known the whole time, he still went through with the plans perfectly but he knows that there will be an imminent and inevitable conflict between jax and his parents. however id bet that the conflict is resolved happily because as many have noted - Jax is NOT his father, and over the past 3 seasons hes come to value the bonds of family immensely and more so than at any previous point in the series. could be wrong, but the look in jackson's eye at the end when you hear JT narrate the part of the letter where he says clay and gemma were trying to kill him, just makes me believe he knows, and hes got a plan. I LOVE THIS FREAKIN SHOW


This show @#*$ ing rocks!!! I can hardly wait for season four... Bring it on FX... I challenge you (FX) or the writers to top season three and make it balls out the best season ever, and to keep the story line open for possibly a few more episodes!!! Great job to the creators for making this show a must watch program... Kudos to you .. Until next season , I'm out... "KING CLAVOS" 2010

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