Supernatural Review: "Family Matters"

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This episode, “Family Matters,” wasted no time in revealing that Sam had no soul.

I’m glad this answer wasn’t dragged out. Instead, it finally explained why he’d been acting so indifferent. It also confirmed that Sam wasn’t possessed or simply acting like a jerk. He’s still Sam…... technically.

Because Sam is the more emotional and caring of the two brothers, he is the perfect character to lose his soul. He has become the polar opposite of his human personality. I do wonder that if Dean had been the one to lose his soul, though, would it have been as easy to realize that something was wrong with him?

Family Trip

It’s great that Jared Padalecki doesn’t recycle his Lucifer portrayal and instead demonstrates his acting ability by playing a detached and dispassionate Sam. When he unbound himself from the chair to explain that he wouldn’t be locked up, he did it with no anger, zeal, or much of anything.

It’s about as indifferent as you can get in such a serious moment and he played it fantastically.

Unfortunately, Dean revealed the biggest flaw of having no soul. A person’s instincts are completely absent.  Sam didn’t suspect anything wrong or shady with Samuel. He had no gut feeling and therefore couldn’t think about right or wrong. Yet, the moment also illustrated the strength of the brothers' bond. Sam listened to Dean and decided to work with him in order to find out Samuel’s fascination with Alpha creatures.

One of them, the Alpha Vampire, questioned the boys, “Where do creatures go when they die?” I enjoyed Dean’s response of “Legoland.” However, the true answer divulged is Purgatory. After already focusing on Heaven and Hell, this is a great new mystery to bring to the show. Why is it such an important place?

The Alpha Vampire, who reminded me a lot of Hannibal Lector, also revealed two other interesting facts. He’s been building an army because a war is coming. Wait, a war with whom? Secondly, even though he was the first of his species, he stated, “we all have our mothers.” Is this “mother” the creator of all monsters or simply of the vampire race? Is it an angel, demon, god, or something entirely new?

If those moments weren’t enough to satiate your storyline hunger, it was Crowley’s confessions that brought all the characters to the same knowledge page.

Crowley, currently the King of Hell, was the one that pulled out Sam and Samuel Campbell. He is also the one controlling Samuel’s strings and having him search for Purgatory. Why he wants it isn’t clear, but I’m sure it can’t be good for anyone. And because Crowley is the only one who can retrieve Sam’s soul, he now holds power over Sam and Dean to do his dirty work. He is fiendishly brilliant.

The final moments of the show illustrated Dean with a great human emotion: compassion.

Even though Samuel betrayed the brothers, Dean chooses to let him go. Sure, I laughed when Sam chose the option to shoot his grandfather, but, remember, he doesn’t have a soul. As much as I’m sure he was upset for the way things turned out, Dean chooses to let it go and focus on the real enemy, Crowley. I'm curious as to what was Samuel’s deal with that demon because I have a feeling it's going to effect the brothers somehow in the future.

So, after seven episodes, not much has felt like filler. For many who believed that Supernatural couldn’t go on after Eric Kripke stepped down as show runner, season six is strong and shaping up to be a great season. Keep these episodes coming!


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this has been my show since day one and to be honest i dont think anyone else knows more than i do about these two boys... the things i love about this serie are that even when the boys are in an emotional tough spot, they can sprinkle in sme humor to lighten the mood and keep the audience on their toes. also, i do love the monster of theweek and i was looking forward to the story kind of going back to the foundation of the first and second seasons. thngs i hate- all this heaven, hell, angels, and big bad uberdemons. i think it has run its course. also, i hate the way the show drags out a storyline. it took us 7 episodes to find out that sam doesnt have a soul. i would have liked if they got that out in the open earlier and put a few episodes about some random monsters that dnt really mean anything to the season storyline. now i truly believe that this is one of te most underrated shows on tv right now and that the writing and acting are amazing !!! even if this sow starts to tank in acting and writing, i know i will be watching until the credits roll on he last episode.


I do enjoy the episodes, but before the season began, there were so many spoilers saying how this season was going back to the first season with "a monster a week." Guess they dropped that ball.


I agree. The entire episode was amazing and it really looks like it could be an amazing season. I also agree with Dr.CerrenoMD though. I really miss them going from town to town just hunting things. Hopefully they can do that next season. I'm really missing the scary monsters they had in the 1st and 2nd season.


"It's ok! It's ok, Angel cavity search!" I loved that! =D


I don't know if it's the best season thus far but it's definitely shaping up nicely. I also think it's a story that can last more seasons. Having these two brother's hunt something different every week is enough of a storyline. LOL.
Personally I hope Samuel doesn't last the whole season. I just don't feel like he's family. I did enjoy his first meeting with Castiel though. I wish it was John Winchester they could've brought back but I know it's probably due to not being able to get the actor. Plus I guess he couldn't come back because they burned his body??
I am intrigued by Sam having no soul.


Its kinda weird how the alpha vamp mentioned a mother, and during Dean's "vision" the focus was on those two little girls quite abit.


I couldn't agree more with the critic, this is definately won of the best seasons ever!


I never watched Supernatural until this season .My daughter in Arizona told me to watch it so i started watching the reruns in mornings and taping them so I could catch up.I am so addicted to this show! Its so different and Sam and Dean are just perfect.I love Casteil the angel too.His dead pan lines are hysterical.


As they say in South Africa: Haibo! This show is getting very very interesting... Altho I do miss the days when Sam and Dean would go from town to town killing the latest baddie, these new storylines are quite intriguing. I just wish they can keep the mystery without making it irritating... Also they should end the show within the next season or two...

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