Taylor Momsen On "Indefinite Hiatus" From Gossip Girl

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Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen has already been absent for most of the first half of this season. Now it looks like she'll be MIA in much if not all of the second half, too.

The controversial actress and singer, who has appeared in just three episodes so far this fall, begins an "indefinite hiatus" following next Monday's episode, "Gaslit."

Reps for The CW and producer Warner Bros. declined comment, but sources confirm that Jenny Humphrey will be MIA for at least four episodes after "The Townie."

That's the December 6 episode and the show's midseason finale.

Little JH

Are Jenny's Gossip Girl days numbered?

The news comes as the 17-year-old Pretty Reckless singer's off-screen persona - flashing crowds, profane tirades, generally miserable nature - continues to raise eyebrows.

Momsen also pissed off Project Runway's Tim Gunn, who played mentor to J in an episode last month, after which Gunn blasted her for a lack of professionalism.

A Gossip Girl insider maintains that reduced airtime for Momsen, an original cast member who has been on the show since the pilot, is due only to creative reasons.

We're at least a little skeptical of that, given all Jenny brings to the show. Do you think it's because of her off-set behavior - and do you think she'll ever be back?

Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl:

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Hi ! I love gossip girl and I'm obsessed with it!!
I absolutely love jenny humphrey and if she ever went and
Never came back again I would honestly cry! I cried when she went
In season 3t cuz I thought she wasn't coming back!!
I also think that serenas nice but is a slag
And I love blair and chuck !!!
I also have a big crush on nate !!

Chair me up

god, stay out as long as you can. and don't even think of coming back before your remove at least half of that a awful make up..;

Jennmo13 gg 3

Thank god! haha i hope blair and serena took her down for good this time:)


Jenny wanted to get back at Serena *** remember in season 3 jenny kept interfereing or trying to. Example when she kisses him...


Jenny got involved with vanessa and Juliet because they lied to her and she wanted to get back at Nate. This could stem from serena dangling dan around but also when jenny interfereed with Nate and serena and she lost. It stems from jealousy and loathing. At first I didn't understand why jenny would get involved but it makes sense now.


Girl is a mess. Of course she's not being kept out because of 'creative reasons'. She's talented, but she's not going that far because, really, the industry just eats up people like that. She'll soon have a drug problem and we'll never hear from her again.


i find that most people who comment are very immature. in general, people here hates J, V, and juliet because they are "bitches". While i agree that I do not agree with all of J's actions, I love her for being so ambitious. fighting for what she wants - fashion. but it should be noted that this season, J does not seem like herself. In previous seasons, J'd do something "nasty" because she had a motive.
I don't see any clear motive behind her collaboration with V and juliet. I like what all the characters are bringing to the show, and i believe that the writers should write whatever they want freely - just let creativity flow


Jenny dosent even fit in anyway. She only has one bestfriend and he's a recurring character. Jenny does not fit in with the college kids. However, I did like season 3 Jenny. Season 1 Jenny was annoying and season 2 Jenny was self-involved. I really love that she slept with Chuck too. What a halirious moment!


She's a bitch, but so are most of the characters in the show, wich is precisely what makes GG interesting. Not that I'm a big J fan, but at least she's always "shaking" things up on the UES unlike the other Brooklin girl booooring V.


I'm torn. I would be rejoicing but I had started to appreciate her as a character to analyze. I'd rather have jenny around then vanessa...

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