Taylor Momsen Was a Really Cute Kid

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Before her parents ruined her life, Taylor Momsen was really cute at least. Here's her in a 1997 commercial (making her, what, three?) long before her Gothic Barbie daze ...

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She was soo adorable and innocent!! What happened?


Oh wow! That's adorable! She was soo cute. What happened to her? trololol


So cute but apart from that I find this commercial offensive. It's always the mom who's doin the cooking in every damn commercial please we live in the 20th century.It's just really annoying with the "I wanna be a shake'n'bake mom"


She was still sweet and adorable in real life during season 1 of gg. just watch interviews of her. she has turned into a monster alongside jenny doing so.


**is I fail.


Everyone please stop hating on Taylor Momsen. Go for it when you're more successful and as beautiful as she it, but right now, stfu.


she's so adorable!! that's the sweetest child i've seen!!
i really like taylor and i hope that just a phase that she's going through right now!


This is beyond adorable!! Im sure she's gonna grow up and stop with the ''im so hardcore'' persona she has on right now, we all went through phases like that, it's called Teen Angst.


awww she was soo cute!!!!




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