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I for one thought this episode was hilarious! More so than the last few. I like Amy's flatness. She makes me laugh. I like how awkward she and Penny are together, and with Bernadette as a healthy mix of the two, i hope they're all together more often. As for Will Wheaton, i don't think I'll get over that either. I think Sheldon's over the top nerd self needs a villain character. I say good show and keep making me laugh. My only complain would be is, I do wish there was more of Leonard, Wallowitz, and Raj.


I'm gonna say there'll never be a Sheldon and Penny hook up. They don't have THAT kind of chemistry. Comic foils, yes, the other way, no.

At least it was an ensemble this week. It was wasn't Sheldon heavy. Wil Wheaton was wasted, but that's okay.

The subject matter could have lent to so much more Indy in jokes. I think they dropped the ball on the main story as well.


Personally, I loved this episode, however, it lacked one thing that would make it from an 8/10 to a 10/10: A SHENNY SCENE!
I mean, Sheldon and Penny clearly have the best chemistry, and the writers are gonna HAVE to do something about them sooner or later... SHENNY is inevitable ;)
I agree that Amy is getting boring - she should leave... soon


Come on! Team "SHAMY" all the way! :P


I am torn about Amy too. Trying to capture Sheldon in female form has fallen a bit flat. She also doesn't have the same chemistry with Penny that Sheldon does. Wil doing Jar Jar Binks impressions was funny, but I think the mean Wil Wheaton thing is getting old (He was a great moderator at Comic Con). The last scene was funny.


I'm sure it was quite funny... Can't wait to watch it and see what happens!

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