The Good Wife to "Raise the Stakes" on Alicia and Will Relationship

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Ready for the romantic stakes to be raised, fans of The Good Wife?

In a new interview with Fancast, Josh Charles previews what's ahead for his character of Will, speaks oninghis relationship with Tammy and, of course, Alicia. We've excerpted sections below.

Will Kicks It

On Elizabeth Reaser's Tammy as a love interest: I think she’s here for a little while. I really enjoy the character, how they’re writing her and what it’s bringing out in Will. And I love how it adds complexity and obstacles for that part of the storyline while showing the audience a more playful side of Will.

Will Alicia get jealous of Will and Tammy? It’s all about balance. You have a connection between two characters – one’s married and the other is sort of living the bachelor life – so this evolves that part of the show. That isn’t just plausible but it becomes implausible when you don’t have a character settling down with someone. It raises the stakes, which is a good thing.

Will the truth about Will voicemail come out? You’ll be pleasantly surprised with how the [writer-producers] handle that and take it a step further. In one of the episodes coming up, that story and that particular part of the story definitely takes a step forward. Again, it’s complicated a lot by the new relationship between Will and Tammy.

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I think it was Alicia. He was aliitle unconfrtable and took a quick look at Alicia in panic. I think it is in a good direction, lets keep tammy in perspective long enough for Peter to snap! :D just kidding. It is good because I don't want the triangle to be in my face all the time, I want to enjoy cases as well. Just not for too long, because I really want Alicia to give herself a break and live her life not just pass them every day. tnx


Of course every single show must have a triangle. I don't want to read the spoilers but it's interesting to see what Alicia is going to do. If Alicia would risk her career or her husbands career for Will. I wouldn't trust his intentions but the fact that someone mentioned that he was in love with some in Georgetown (Alicia) will be interesting. Or maybe it wasn't Alicia. Hmmm curiosity.

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