The Mentalist Preview: "Red Moon"

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What did you think of The Mentalist episode "Ball of Fire?" Our critic gave the hour a solid 4.7 rating and you can find out why NOW.

Next Thursday, the drama will give viewers another new installment, one that focuses on a bizarre triple homicide that finds two police officers and one fiancee of an EMT worker left dead. Who is the culprit? What went down?

Jane and Lisbon try to answer those questions by working with local law enforcement. You can imagine how smoothly this goes, can't you? See for yourself in the following CBS preview:

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How can Patrick be driving , steering wheel , and Lisbon be driving as well ...doesn't anyone check the production, head of photography , assist producer / No one?


"Tyger tyger" are the first words of the poem Tyger by William Blake. This is the poem that Red John recited to Jane as he was wrapped up in the chair in episode 2.23 (season two finale)


when jayne flashes back, doesn't an image of an animal chasing down another animal appear? Is it a tiger?


So he said Tiger, Tiger? It really got Jane thinking...can't wait to see what that actually meant.


What does Tiger, Tiger mean?


"Tiger, tiger"


Does anyone know what the killer said at the end of the episode?


The Mentalist Quotes

As they say, you can take the girl out of Chicago but you can't take the Chicago out of the girl.


You see how much better things turn out when you're honest with me.

Teresa Lisbon