The Mentalist Relationship Spoilers: Little Hope for Rigsby and Van Pelt

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Bruno Heller has bad news for certain fans of The Mentalist.

The show's creator tells TV Guide he has no plans to get Rigsby and Van Pelt back together any time soon, as the latter will continue to get close to O'Loughlin. It's not hard to imagine the displeasure this will cause for Rigsby at work.

Rigsby and Cho

Wanna go out with Wayne Rigsby, ladies? The Mentalist character is looking to rebound.

"It becomes a distraction that brings a lot of tension into the office," Heller said, adding that Rigsby date around often in the coming episodes. "He's going to start looking for a way to get out from under that relationship, but it's hard. It's going to be both funny and touching to watch him try."

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This Rigsby/Van Pelt storyline is sooooo boring.
Give me some more Jane/Lisbon or do something with the end of Red Hot.


I think Grace does care for Wayne and she's only seeing O'Laughlin cause he's convenient. She doesn't want for either herself or Wayne to lose their jobs and she doing it to prove a point.


this is not good!!!
i am not pleased about this AT ALL!
grace and wayne are ment to be together!
o'laughlin can go die in a hole.
or maybe red john can pay him a vist *evil smile*
it will not be funny, it will be painful for poor rigsby


NOOOOO! I don´t like this craig dude at all. And i feel so sorry for rigsby, he still loves grace and grace doesn´t care about wayne at all anymore

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