The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 34

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For this edition of The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest, readers have fun coming up with what concoction Stefan was drinking.

He's a vampire, after all. No way could it be tea.

Many of the entries made us laugh, but "Michelle" has been chosen as the winner (submission below). Thanks so much to all who participated and remember to do so every week!


Ahhh, nothing better then a nice steaming cup of bunny in the morning.

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Stephen thinking, "What was I thinking? Hot tea? No wonder Damon's hotter than me. I'll never have a bad boy image drinking HOT TEA."


so this is decaf skinny mocha blood, right ? caffeine keeps up at whatever.


Stefan(in his head):Hahaha she has somethig green in her teeth i'll tell her later maybe


hmmmmmmm I wonder who Damian is killing now? and they all think I am drinking Tea.muwahaha!!!!!!!!


"Bella, do you think Edward suspects anything?"


Earl? Green? Chamomile? Earl?


I stopped Damon from killing her....what was I thinking!!


stephin says, u know something im tired of elena ill just toss her to damon, and make u mine we belong together. caroline says, oh stephan, ive been searching for you all my life. kiss me caroline and stephan embrace and kiss just then jeremy sees them.


Entombing Katherine-certain vengeance, tea with Caroline- a little grating, spiking it with human blood- a dirty look from Damon, being able to tune out everything she says-PRICELESS!


I WONDER IF I can compell her to shut up?!

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