The Vampire Diaries: Casting for an Angel

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The Vampire Diaries is casting for an Angel.

No, this show isn't going the route of its CW brethren, Supernatural. It's simply seeking an actress to play a character named Angel.

Sources confirm that a female TV reporter will arrive in Mystic Falls later this season in order to cover a "drug-related death." Naturally, she'll also flirt a lot with Damon Salvatore.

Brothers Look On

Speaking of new characters, there's news on the most important of them all: Klaus will debut on episode 16.

Sound off now on who you think should portray this key villain.

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I would like to see Jassica lowndes as angel, now she and damon are going to be the hottest couple in hollywood.


David Boreanaz would be totally awesome as Klaus!!!!


I agree with the people who've said Jonathan Rhys-Myers or Julian McMahon. James Marsters who played Spike on Buffy and Angel and Dr. Milton Fine/Brainiac on Smallville is also great.


Johnathan Rhys Meyers from the Tudors... if they had enough money to pay him... that guy can act in serious roles...


I would like to see Jim Caviezel play Klaus, he has an air about him that is awesome.


Mel Gibson should play Klaus. He would be a natural.


[b]I agree with a couple of other people before me, Odette Yustman should play the role of angel. And Julian McMahon should play the role of Klaus!!!![b]


I agree with you @MN Julian McMahon should be Klaus....


I want Amber Heard as Angel.

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