The Vampire Diaries Reaction: Did "Rose" Smell Sweet?

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The Vampire Diaries fans were introduced to fresh blood this week, as Elena was held captive by supernatural beings new to the show.

What did you think of their presence and their actions on the aptly-titled episode "Rose?" We hope you'll return to TV Fanatic first thing tomorrow morning for our expanded, detailed thoughts on the installment, as we encourage readers to first discuss it in our Vampire Diaries forum and in the poll below:

What did you think?

Rose and Elena

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Awesom. Best. Show .EVER!!!! Hoppefully they make lik 8 seasons ciz its amazing


Just so you guys know since you were asking... The Originals are the first vampires that ever became... I guess you could say. Ha. At least in the book they are. And Klaus was like the original and super crazy and powerful in the books. Like literally... CRAZY! So that will be intense. But I am still confused about the curse, doppelgangers, Katherine, and Elena. They are trying to break the sun and moon curse? Okay... Is that where they can't go out in the sun? They have rings for that... Or is that the werewolf curse? Are they trying to get rid of them? And what exactly is a doppelganger anyways? How did Katherine's lineage continue? And how is Elena brought into all this? Why? So confusing!


so basically what i want to happen since watching this episode is: tyler/caroline. sorry all you matt/caroline people but matts character is a little boring. a tyler/caroline relationship would be HOTT and really romantic. damon/elena. stefan/katherine. idk if im the only person who ships this, but it what makes sense to me. i really do believe she loves him, and he love(d?) her. it seems endgame-ish to me. sure shes a bitch but so is damon. :P


That was beautiful.
I think them getting together too early would doom them to break up,
but they should definitely end up together.... :)) so amazing.


I loved this episode! But, I don't understand; okay the originals are the first family of vampires or something... they need to sacrifice elena (doppleganger) to break the curse (what exactly is the curse). Why do they have to break the curse? What does Katherine have to do with it? Why does she have a doppleganger? Have there been more than elena? And how the hell did the line continue anyway? And what do they want with Katherine? I am so confused now that I think about it.

Jess gannon

Fantastic episode but it left me with huge questions like.....
Who are the Originals?
Why can the dopplegangers break the curse and how many of them were there before katherine and Elena?
But my favourite part was at the end when Damon confessed his love for Elena, i know that she probably won't remember but I hope that her opinion of Damon has changed and that there is hope for them being together!!!!

Simran varma

Stefan is boring.. But to be honest i dont want them to Make Delena right now... they can Make a patch up but then a break up.. cuz i want there to b more of struggling from Elena's side. She is so in a world where there is only Stefan. She needs to explore more.. :) I want Elena to end up with Damon!! But for now, just let the suffering go on. I was crying when i saw the tear roll down Damon's Eyes. Earlier, He might not deserve her... i agree. But now He loves her as much as Stefan does( maybe more). Why? BEcause, HE went with Stefan to rescue Elena from a 500 yr old vamp..! hE KILLED THE VAMP!! He could have backed out. And the most awesome part tht tell tht Damon deserves Elena is tht... He accepted the fact tht he doesnt Deserve her.. that Stefan is the one for her. Is tht Easy, guys? I dont think so.
I think Damon is in love with her.. and if anyone read a book by L.j Smith : Dark visons. Then I want the story to be like tht. I want her to be confused between the two... but i want her to end up with Damon/The bad-ass guy!
:) P.s: I want Elena to remeber.. but its not possible. :( Cuz Elija compelled her. I hope Damon was not tht concentrated, and he just couldnt compel her. Argh!


Omg tonight was amazing! The first part was a bit slow for me but by the end (right around when Elijah knocked Trevor's head off) It got reallly good. What Damon said to Elena was so sweet, I got all teary eyed lol..I'm so torn I love Stefan + Elena AND Damon + Elena..great episode..they just keep wowing me!


Apparently she is related to Katherine somehow which means Katherine must have had a chld before she was turned...I'm not sure if this 100% true but i'm pretty sure it's something like that.


this episode made me realize i want tyler and caroline together! they are soo cute and matt is soooo broinggg


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