The Vampire Diaries Sneak Picture Peek: "The Sacrifice"

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A slew of werewolves are coming to Mystic Falls.

Before they arrive, however, Caroline and Tyler will grow a lot closer, as the following images from the December 2 episode of The Vampire Diaries hint at.

Titled "The Sacrifice," this installment of the most shocking show on television will also feature:

  • Elena making an offer to Rose.
  • Jeremy landing himself in a life-threatening situation.
  • Bonnie and Luke developing more of a bond.

As readers discuss these storylines in our Vampire Diaries forum, they can also get an early look at scenes from the next all-new episode below. Click to enlarge each image:

Spell Casting
Stroll Through the Woods
As Rose
Steamed Stefan
Brothers Look On
Handing Over a Photo
Spell Conjuring

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i think they will kill Rose and whats a dangbanger (thats the term Rose used to describe Eleana.)I love this TV series i watch it every Thursday night. I have bought the first seaseon of Vampire Diaries. The novels are way different then the TV show. I bet soon Eleana will forgive Damon that is almost obvious. There are huge changes between Damon and Eleana like you can now tell Damon loves Eleana. P.S. I cant wait till i get to watch the brand new one!!!!!!!


Oh hello its thanksgiving thats y there makin it too long to w8 n im pretty sure that elena n damon will kiss omg i cant w8 for the episode well this is my fav show ever n i never miss even 1 episode of it u know i watch the preview clips4 like weeks till the ep arrives cant w8 guys!!!!!!!!!!!


this episode is going to be epic, but elenas really pising me off!!!!
i knew luka's dad was evil!!! :D its so obvious tat elnas going to turn into a vampire, but the question is when??

Chair me up

i love rose's accent! and bonie has her powers back, like to see her like that.!


it is a great movie


the break was much longer last last year. but i was wondering when more werwolfs where coming it would be dull if tyler was the only one. I wonder how long its going to take before they kill rose off im thinkings 5 eps top.


why is there such a long break until the next new episode?


is it just me or does Tyler look really orange/ sunburnt?


i hope this episode is awesome since their making us wait so long :P


They want to get the moonstone and destroy it, last I heard...

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