The Walking Dead Review: "Tell It to the Frogs"

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Rick reunited with his family on "Tell It to the Frogs."

I knew it was an inevitable development, but I was eager to see Shane and Lori’s reactions. They certainly didn’t disappoint with their initial facial expressions. Lori looked both horrified and shocked as she hugged the relieved Rick. Shane, while surprised, seemed to laugh it off. If only Rick knew what had been going on...

The Grimes Family

Viewers do know, of course, and that knowledge made the intimate scene between Rick and Lori a bit uncomfortable. At first, I wasn’t sure if Lori was upset because Rick came back or because she’d been sleeping with his best friend and now regretted it.

I’m glad it was the latter and I believe that Lori was truly sorry and upset for sleeping with Shane.

Unfortunately, as she attempted to apologize to Rick, his eagerness to make love to his wife and enjoy these moments with his wife kept her quiet. He saw the opportunity as a second chance, (remember they’d been having marital problems), and she clearly did, too. But come on, Rick, your kid is a few feet away.

However, it was interesting to learn that it was Shane who told Lori that Rick was dead. That revelation made Lori a far more sympathetic character for her actions. Did Shane actually believe Rick was dead the whole time or was he simply looking for a way to get with Lori?

I feel indifferent towards Shane. On the one hand, his actions with Lori make him shady, but on the other, he remains a leader and protector of the group. It’s great that he’s not a one-dimensional character.

Of course, Rick also has many layers. He’s not as outspoken or lively as Shane, but he stays true to his word and is compassionate toward others. He believed that he must rescue Merle. Sure, Merle might be a racist and a degenerate, but he is still a human being. I’m glad Rick stepped up and took a leadership role, even if he’s not the one in charge.

While the episode focused primarily on Rick’s interactions with the group, it also gave us a moment to see what a basic day was like for the survivors. For the most part, it looked like a simple camping trip. What’s interesting is how gender roles played a significant part in the daily activities. Women were relegated to tasks such as washing clothes, while the men focused on hunting and protection. It was like jumping back to the prehistoric times of hunter/gatherer groups.

Couple Reunited

I laughed when one of the girls mentioned she missed texting. So much of our everyday lives revolve around technology that it’s hard to imagine a world without it. Even driving a sports car is a rarity. Life certainly changes when you have to focus on survival. There’s no time to check your Facebook or Twitter.

What surprisingly hasn’t gone away, however, is domestic abuse. You’d think a husband would be more worried about protecting his wife from flesh eating zombies instead of spending his time hitting her. What killed me was that even after Shane stopped the husband, the wife leaped to her husband’s side and began to repeatedly apologize to him. Scenes like this are great because they show how simple human actions and beliefs can be just as powerful and dangerous as fighting off zombies.

This episode was a little slower than I would have liked, but it did allow for some good character development. Maybe next week we can see Daryl Dixon do a Boondock Saints impersonation. Personally, I’d love to see more of Dale. He seems like a very interesting character that speaks his mind. Plus, I have a feeling he could be a good ally to Rick.

The final moments only began to pick things but up, but I’m sure next episode will keep that pace going. Where did Merle go and is he out looking for revenge? How is Rick going to get his guns back? Will we see one of the survivors get killed by a zombie? Only three more episodes left for the season to find out!


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I 101% agree with the reviewer... nice Job! ya mentioned and pointed out everything :-)


Something else worth mentioning about Merle's haggard look is that he's a drug user. I'm assuming coke or something harsh, that's going to make anyone look sleezy, not like he was on camera much before he was left there to make an unbiased opinion other then he was a racist d-bag.


But the thing is handcuffs are designed to withstand being broken, especially cop handcuffs for that very reason. If he believed that he had a chance to escape, and zombies were knocking outside the door, and on top of that he's not the most intelligent or stable guy in the world, he took a drastic measure to try to escape, because he probably figured they were never coming back for him.


I have no problem with Merle looking/acting how he did. He was already pretty rough around the edges, and he was clearly not the most mentally/emotionally stable person. But sawing through the wrist seems pretty ridiculous. They should've at least shown some effort to cut through the metal. Maybe the justification is that Merle is such a nutjob that he wasn't capable of making a rational choice(?). I actually appreciated the character development because the series can't stand long on nothing more than zombie fu, and you have to care about the characters in any series for the series to keep you coming back.


I guess your SOD is stronger than mine, the guy is telling a story to himself about how he punched a guy's teeth out, but has totally come unhinged in 36 hours because his belt isn't long enough? but okay Zed. Even the day and a half I attribute to the time span is ONLY if the scene on the roof was a flashfoward and happened sort of in tandem with them getting in the cubevan and going back for him. Because if it was supposed to happen, say, in tandem or before they all return to the trailer park, that would be like...two hours tops. You can see the city in the background of a dozen shots, and Glenn said that he's gone in the town several times. How did they get there last ep by the way? Did they walk in? Because Glenn and Rick had to take a pretty long walk to get a cube van rather than some vehicle that they brought with them


@Piecar, I buy that Merle would pretty haggard after "only" a day and a half out on the roof. You'd start to see exposure marks after a day and a night and another day exposed with no shade and no water. As for the crack-up, it's not like he was totally stable to begin with, and all those zombies 30 feet away can't be good for the psyche. I'm with you on the handsaw, though. Why not just cut the bolt he was cuffed too? That didn't look all that sturdy to begin with. I doubt they'll explain it, though, as it seems like the gross-out, life-or-limb decision was the point.


The episode, in my opinion, was a necessary evil to introduce all the players. Nice to see "Lucky" from last week's Supernatural show up in this role. And the actor who plays Dale is always good. But much of the ep was soap acting 101. I knew it was necessary, but couldn't wait to get through it. Emote emote, lingering lovemaking, emote emote. Nice comedy punchout festival on the deer zombie though. Ah, those bonding moments. On another note, and one not mentioned. Rooker's performance of Merle on the roof was great...however someone must have told him it was like a week after everyone left, because, damn! It's, at most, a day and a half(and I'm being overly generous) since everyone bugged out. The guy falls apart in a day and half? The guy goes through two complete personality changes in as many minutes? Get outta here! He's dirty and his face has overexposure marks on it, like he's been trapped in the desert for four days? Get outta here! Now, let's talk about the final moment of the ep, which I feel you are remiss in mentioning. We knew Merle was going to get the hacksaw. We could see that things were getting a little dire as far as the door being forced open. But the door DIDN'T fold. Merle didn't have to fight the zombies(and if he'd kept his mouth shut, things would have been fine) He chooses to use the hacksaw on his arm? Cutting through two bones, rather than go at the bolt, which the hacksaw is designed for? Or the links of the Handcuff, or the metal flange? All much thinner and easier to work on than hacking your own arm off. They had better explain it next week. I assume they'll do it right off. Last week we established that there was no place to go on that roof, and the door didn't give way, so Merle must stil be up there somewhere. All in all, my least favourite of the three episodes.

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