What's Ahead of Teddy on 90210?

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In a development very frustrating to this critic, 90210 spoiled one of its biggest third season storylines over the summer: Teddy will struggle with his sexuality this year and eventually admit that he's gay.

To the show's credit, however, the matter is being handled delicately and slowly, as Trevor Donovan says will continue to be the case on tonight's new episode and beyond.

"Teddy's story has been about how painful and confusing this situation can be, and it won't be OK for him any time soon," the actor told TV Guide. "Acceptance doesn't happen overnight, like, 'Oh! This is who I am!' This isn't an afterschool special. Teddy's fighting it."

Gone Gay

On "I See London, I See France," Teddy will consider classmate Ian as a partner for the first time. Later this season, he'll attend a male strip club - but look for that to be a case of too much, too soon.

"He's trying to understand where his feelings are coming from, if they're real or if it's just a phase," Donovan says. "He figures being in that environment could be a litmus test."

When things grow uncomfortable, Teddy will call Ian for help.

While many believe this storyline was a desperate move by 90210 to shake things up and improve ratings, Donovan choose to focus on the positive aspects of the surprising revelation.

"No one would have guessed Teddy was gay - myself included," he says. "He was a womanizer, a hardcore athlete.. there was nothing stereotypically gay about him. He is tip-toeing into self realization, and to me, that feels a lot more authentic."

How do you think this plot is playing out? Sound off now in our 90210 forum!

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I really do love this storyline I really do love
Teddy and Ian together, it shows everyone if your gay come out
and be happy :) and if people judge you well you screw them(not really) but you forget about them. You should be happy with your


I personally love this storyline. I've been in the same situation, and yet still adjusting. It's hard to come out and feel good about yourself these days. I think it's a great story about the struggle of coming out.


I think it's a very interesting storyline. I love out it's play by Trevor. We can really feel that his feelings are mixed up and he don't really know what to think and what to do. I can't wait to see what's gonna happen :)


he is so sexy i can't believe they made him gay


I love him so much it hurts. I rewatch his episodes everyday. It's so good.


Interesting, Im curious to see how this is going to pan out. I was a big season 1 90210 fan, but its kind of not really impressed me since then. This season hasn't been too bad yet...hopefully it will get even better


I feel like they are handling the story really well and it makes sense because he had zero chemistry with silver no matter how cute they were together


God I love him!
Amazing person!

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