Where is Naomi on Private Practice?

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Where has Naomi been on Private Practice? Is she coming back, and if so, when?

Fans have been wondering this about Audra McDonald's character these past few weeks, but E! notes that Naomi has been overseas tending to William's estate and foundation.

In real life, Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy show-runner Shonda Rhimes tweeted that McDonald is "taking a break to be a mom. She'll be back." Back December 2, in fact:

Nae and Coop

Cooper and Naomi in next week's Private Practice.

Naomi's return to Oceanside/Pacific comes just in time for Addison to decide she wants a baby with Sam. Do we need to explain the reasons this could be uncomfortable?

Sam and Nae were married. Addy and Nae were BFFs. Addison can't have children. Naomi is a fertility specialist. This is all just us speculating, but ... yeah. Awkward.

With Audra McDonald admittedly having issues with shooting in L.A. and living in N.Y., some fans have speculated this season may be Naomi's last on Private Practice.

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I Hope Naomi come's back! I love her character & on't want her to leave.


I definitely think Dr. Fife should come back. I always liked him with Naomi more than William White because I never saw actual chemistry between them.


What do you reckon to bringing Fife back for Naomi? Those two had great chemistry together and Michael Patrick Thornton is a great actor. I miss Fife!


Let her go -I wouldn't miss her....


Please someone tell me... where is Dr. Fife? Is he coming back or is that story done?


eeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww........i dont like addisam naomi plzzzzz dont leave you need to break up addisam plzzzzz and the having a baby no bad idea and getting naomi involved even worse idea..... audra plzzz stay


I was really hoping that the Naomi character was gone for good. I hate her personality and opinions on the show SO much... sigh. Nothing against the actress, though.


Well - I would hope that she would be able to figure out how to do both. Although I hope they write Naomi to be a little less of a downer.


I have really missed Naomi lately, I feel like she would be the voice of reason in so many of the plots


oooh no! i LOVE naomi!!! but it would all kind of make sense if the actress who plays her doesn't want to do the show anymore. it would be easy enough to write. boo. boo. boo. boo.! remember when addi and sam used to hang out in season 3, after they took over running the practice when nae was asked to step down? they had great chemistry then. i wish we could see more of that.

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