Who Will Michaela McManus Play on The Vampire Diaries?

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Michaela McManus is coming to Mystic Falls.

The actress - who has guest-starred on One Tree Hill, CSI: Miami and Castle, among other shows - will play a character who is an old friend of Mason Lockwood's. She'll arrive in town in search of her former acquaintance.

No word yet on when McManus will debut. Have any thoughts on this piece of casting news?

Michaela McManus

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She's really pretty,she should play damon sexy toy girl.and elena will get mad bahahaha(evil laugh)


She's really pretty, I can't wait to see her on the screen :)


I love her :) I loved her on oth even though I routed for peyton/lucas. Oh man, Tyler is going to flip when he learns a vampire killed his cuz and caroline knows D: now they're doomed agdjsad -_-


No WAY!omg i love the CW, lol know all the actors from all my fav shows, it's so cool to have them come over and do new shows! this will be awesome!


hmmm she could be a werewolf though if you check her eyes!


we have the same name! (lol) well mine is spelled with a "k", a matter of superiority :) ...


BTW! Her name is Jules and she will have a recurring role.


Oh so that's who will play that friend. I have read two tidbits about this here they are: Via Spoiler Chat: Kelly: I’m so mad that Mason’s dead on The Vampire Diaries—when will Tyler find out the truth and begin plotting his werewolfy revenge? Tyler starts getting a clue about what really happened to Uncle Mason in episode 11, when a friend of Mason’s comes to town and reveals that Mason is not back in Florida like he’s supposed to be. Via Mega Buzz:
Will Damon ever be happy on The Vampire Diaries? — Sarah Jane MICKEY: It’s unlikely, Sarah Jane. But look for a sun-kissed beauty to lighten his mood. She won’t flinch when Damon attempts to sabotage their flirtation with his acidic charm, but that’s because her interest in him is not personal. Said beauty has come to town to investigate Mason Lockwood’s disappearance, and this lady does not have a thing for bad guys. Hope it gives you guys some insight about this girl.

Jennmo13 gg 3

that* .

Jennmo13 gg 3

ew its not annoying girl from one tree hill :/

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