Will Criminal Minds Kill Off Prentiss?

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Criminal Minds already bid farewell to J.J. this season, leaving much of the show's fan base at a loss for words over the departure of beloved cast member A.J. Cook.

Soon enough, Paget Brewster's Agent Prentiss is reported to be next.

When Cook left Criminal Minds, in large part due to the overwhelming response the casting move generated among fans, producers gave her a very classy send-off.

Paget Brewster Pic

Will Paget Brewster meet a violent end on Criminal Minds?

It nothing else, she left on a good note as far as the show's overall narrative is concerned. The question is whether the powers that be have similar plans for Paget.

According to TV Guide, they may not. The show is casting a recurring character described as a dangerous, threatening European. Pretty much the ultimate bad guy.

The character's story line relates specifically to Agent Prentiss. Gulp ...

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Until this season I looked forward to watching Criminal Minds, it was my favorite TV show. This season there is nothing left to the imagination. You know everything from the killer to what he\she is doing with their victims in the first fifteen minutes in the show. I do not enjoy watching it anymore. Also, I am very disappointed Prentiss didn't return to the show, I really thought that she was returning with a whole new identity but would keep the show interesting throughout the whole hour.


Are you crazy letting prentis go,that,s the craziest thing you could ever do.


The show has lost all apeal since the dark haired older women has joined this season Sept/Oct 2012. Keep prentis and JJ. I gaurantee it will bring in money. The other women is cold, doesn't fit in with " The Criminal Minds clan " and a really bad actress.
Don't ruin a good thing!!!


I really enjoy the team like it was with jj and emily. The show isn't the same without them. Bring em back!! The blond doesn't work for me.


I agree with Lori in part. I always wished for Elle to leave the show. Prentiss and Jureao, brought a dignity to the show without bringing a constant sense of a war between the sexes. Not particularly crazy about Morgan or Garcia, though. I always thought with Emily's secretive nature, that one day she would be revealed to be gay not to have had that past they gave her. Good twist.


They're not killing her off. And good news is that JJ is returning as a main carachter after AJ Cook signed a 2 year contract with the show. Prentiss is also returning as a main character. So all's good :D


i read that they are bringing back A.J. Cook and she has signed a new 2-year contract. I also read that there is a good chance they are bringing Prentiss back, too.


Anyone who watched the last episode knows that JJ takes hodge in the hall & clearly mouths "witnes protection". I hope she's pregnant, takes time off, but I want her back too. I don't miss Elle one bit, but JJ AND PRENTISS? Come on! And to be completely selfish, if they EVER take Morgan off I'm so done with that show! Who's with me?


For 30 years, I couldn't stand to have a television in the same house with me. Now (at the age of 62), I enjoy watching television, and Criminal Minds is one of the best. The reason it's one of the best has everything to do with the cast members -- including JJ and Emily. CBS is crazy to get rid of them. What's the problem? I might keep watching -- but if they get rid of Hodges and Morgan, I'll never lay eyes on that show again.


Miss AJ Cook's character as well. Agree with posts about keeping original cast memebers. It can be done.

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