Will Dair Hook Up on Gossip Girl?

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Every so often, the rumor pops up that Dan and Blair are going to have some kind of romance on Gossip Girl. Is this true? We highly doubt it, but speculation continues to linger.

Regarding this topic, E! Online reports today that Dair does have a story coming up but it has to do with (helping) Serena, and beyond that, what lies ahead is anyone's guess.

In the meantime, please see the picture below for proof that Blair and Chuck have some serious hotness coming up (looks like last night's end scene was just the beginning):

Some Chair HEAT

Note that this photo of Chair kissing is taken from "Witches of Bushwick," airing November 15 (episode nine of season four). We'll have the full gallery up for you shortly.

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"biased much? no offense, but majority of the people on this site are chair supporters, not supporters or riduculous, insane, completely unrealistic pairings like dair. the minute that happens- i'm not watching. as if blair would go for someone that boring and high and mighty." So because I don't have the same view or I don't support the same ship as the majority of the GG fanbse, I am wrong? I am bias? All I believe I said in my comment was that I wanted to site to tone down on the chair love. As I said, if it is NEEDED then fine, but for instance this spoiler, had nothing to do with Chuck and Blair, yet they bring them in. It can get simply irritating. Also, something that quite annoys me is that people claim that dair would never work because Blair would never date someone like Dan Humphrey. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but I do believe Chuck Bass has a pretty awful reputation. Drugs, alchol, sleeping with half of New York, playboy. I should also let you know, that some people believe that the class system would be an issue, I personally don't see how seeing Dan is just as rich as Serena now so... Look fine, I honestly couldn't care less whether you love or hate Chuck and Blair/Dan and Blair. All I am saying is, how would you feel if every chair spoiler had pictures of dair under it. It would annoy you, no? So why is that any different to me, simply because I am in the minority? THAT is unfair.


Dair would be a block for Derena. I don't know but as it stands right now it would take a lot for D and B even to touch each other. He can't stand her after how she treated Jenny.


seriously what's the point of building this stupid derena shit for DAIR?


@warha I'm in agreement with dairlove, and really? Why all the negativity? Is she/he not allowed to have their opinion on a pairing? I'll admit that I am a Chuck/Blair-shipper (because I refuse to give the characters or actors an undignified label of Chair (I mean, be mature, people. Do they look like pieces of furniture?), but I am going to REALLY, REALLY need the writers to grow-up a bit and stop letting Blair be this stepping stool that Chuck gets to use and abuse all the time. I specifically DIDN'T watch 'War at the roses' because of the "hawt-chair-makeupsex-lulz". It's ridiculous! Give this girl a g-damn backbone!!!! And not only that, but since when did the path of love EVER run smooth? Maybe for you cats that haven't actually been in an adult relationship, you're still in the honeymoon stage where everything is supposed to be all roses and champagne, but WAKE UP! People change! Their convictions change! And Dan and Blair could reasonably hook up because I don't know if you guys noticed it, but Dan is becoming a bit more Upper East Sider and Blair...we've seen her at her lowest, and even Dan has seen her at her lowest and there is a real, live person underneath it all. So cut the crap. It could happen, and realistically too, if the writers played their cards right. And seriously? If you're going to stop the show because of one storyline then I seriously weep for the future education of our children. There are clearly morons lurking EVERYWHERE! Dan/Blair can happen and Chuck/Blair can be the end game. *drops mike. Throws up the deuces*


Eventhough i love Chair it would more exciting to see Dair date i mean how long is Blair going to play hard to get? Seriously its such a drag. She might as well going for Dan if Chair never going to happend. and besides i'd hate for him to go for Serena they make such a boring couple, soo two seasons ago bleh!


@dairlove biased much? no offense, but majority of the people on this site are chair supporters, not supporters or riduculous, insane, completely unrealistic pairings like dair. the minute that happens- i'm not watching. as if blair would go for someone that boring and high and mighty. BRING ON THE CHAIR ACTION!


To the people who run this site, do you think you could MAYBE please be a little less bias toward Chair? I mean, yeah we get it, lots of people love them, but to the people who don't, it can get pretty annoying. I mean, fine, mention chair by all means when NEEDED, but this spoiler had nothing to do with Chair, it was about dair. I am not just saying this because I root for dair, but in all seriousness, cut down on the chair love.


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO This would be too radical and alienate the less than two million viewers GG already has!!! Dair would never happen, just like fetch never happened, honestly that would be the straw that broke the camels back, if the producers and writers love the show they will not force this abomination on us. CHAIR hot sex for life!!!


If Dan and Blair hook up I will stop watching the show.
I'm serious I will die. After everything that's happened with Blair and Jenny it is super unlikely Dan would hook up Blair. The writers would be super desperate to write about this. The dynamic and back ad forth is good enough please don't ruin it !!


People talk about Dan acting out of character recently, well hooking up with Blair would be completely inconsistent with his personality! It contradicts everything Dan and Blair have ever said or done.
For once can there be two characters of the opposite sex who don't like each other much WITHOUT it leading to a relationship??
Their dynamic is good as it is- hopefully the writers won't ruin it.

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