90210: Casting for Ivy's New Boyfriend

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Ivy isn't having a lot of luck with men so far this season on 90210.

First, Dixon lied to her about his ex. Then, Oscar baited her into losing her virginity. And, on the midseason finale, her father misled her about his intentions.

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But things might pick up for this character in the new year: 90210 is casting for the role of Raj, an older skateboarder who gets close to Ivy in early 2011, and who is harboring a secret. He'll meet Ivy at a medical marijuana dispensary.

What might this be? Who should play this role? Sound off in our 90210 forum!

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WOW! Now Ivy is on the spot light. i was kind of getting bored with Dixon and the whole thing. it's good they brought a dangerous guy to the equation!!!


This sounds good, her character is acutally really likable and they keep wasting her on the wrong guys


Didn't even notice the whole medical marijuana thing there. I think it would be an interesting storyline for them to do. Having a friend going through something like that will definitely change their perspectives on things. Plus, if it's Ivy that gets sick you know that her mom will be a huge part of that storyline which will increase the depth of the story.


Medical marijuana? so it's true that she gets cancer!


well i heard its gonna be indian guy....
idont know about that!!!!!
am looking forward to for her to get back with liam!
sorry liam and annie = PUKE!


Glad to hear that Ivy's gonna have a new love interest. I think they should really give more airtime to this character because she's great! She's the balance the show needs between the kinds of girls that they have on the show.


At least he have something in common with her. Surfboarding is the water sport of skateboarding. I think he is a criminal because that will be so good.

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.