Alexa Havins to Play Thatcher's Girlfriend on Grey's Anatomy

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Thatcher Grey is getting a new love interest on Grey's Anatomy.

When Meredith and Lexie Grey's father returns in February, he'll be bringing with him a new lady, played by soap opera star Alexa Havins, according to TV Guide.

From 2003-2007, blonde beauty Alexa played the very popular role of Babe Chandler on ABC's All My Children. She's recently been on Cold Case and CSI: Miami.


Both their respective mothers are now deceased, but how will Thatcher's daughters feel about him dating someone new - more specifically, someone so young?

It's safe to say they won't be overjoyed at least at the onset.

Not that it means anything in the Grey's universe, but Havins is 30. Chyler Leigh is only 28, while Ellen Pompeo (who could easily pass for 31) is actually 41!

This isn't the first time Grey's Anatomy has tapped the cast of All My Children. Leven Rambin (Sloane) was also a fixture on the daytime drama for five years.

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Yeah! I've NO idea who she is, but I'm glad Thatcher's getting some! I still think it was all Ellis's fault, that biatch:) he's not the bad guy in my opinion:)deserves some good times:)


OMG, as if a good-looking girl like her would even glance twice at the likes of Thatcher's creepy!! But at lease Mer might get some screen time out of it...& it sure beats watching that whiny April or BORING Teddy!


no THIS is a storyline that im totally into
more interested in how mer will reacttt
this is gunna be hilarious!


Meredith won't care, but I'm sure Lexie will freak and cry trow little temper tantrum, because daddy is replacing her mommy with someone younger.


Definitely looking forward to how Meredith and Lexie are going to react upon meeting her. I can already imagine it actually, especially Lexie. But I still can't wait to see it. She seems like the exact girl a daughter would fear her older father to be dating.


I liked her on All My Children look foward to see on grey`s

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